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24 Hour Fitness - Edinger, CA medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: 24 Hour Fitness - Edinger, CA

Jessika Reyes (@jesssssfit) Instagram Profile Photojesssssfit

Jessika Reyes


Isss a 🌧 leg day 🤪 soo letssss get that pump 🙄 First video: Sumo Squats & Frog Jumps 🐸 2nd video: 🔫 Pistol Squats 3rd video: Split Squats ! Try this on ur next leg day 🤪🤪 and let me know it goes !


Lazy people use words like obsessed to describe dedication but you know what I am obsessed I’m obsessed with seeing everyone I care about grow daily and become a better person @dspencer3_teambigsix@cspencer1_teambigsix we just getting started

L I S A  C A S T R O ❤️ (@_lisafc) Instagram Profile Photo_lisafc

L I S A C A S T R O ❤️


Friday in the middle or party prep I was def having a panic attack. This workout took me from here😭🤪 🤯to here💆🏻‍♀️ Try it out! 4 rounds of everything 12-15 reps!

Krista Lynae 💪🏼 STRONG TECH ( Instagram Profile

Krista Lynae 💪🏼 STRONG TECH


Two labs in two days and tomorrow onto our 3rd LAB this time in Oregon. STRONG30 tour with @24hourfitness@chrisroussos24 has been a lot of fun! Masterclasses, trainings and labs all over the us with so many amazing people! Thank you to all the SBZ instructors for your support and desire to grow!

Alexx® (@alex.valak) Instagram Profile Photoalex.valak



Shoulders yesterday🥴 These two are my favorite shoulder exercises . Shoulder and dumbbell press. if it’s not seated shoulder press with smith machine it’s standing up😤 working for those boulder shoulders 😇