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Alte Pinakothek medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Alte Pinakothek

Luiz Alberto Veiga (@veigaluizalberto) Instagram Profile Photoveigaluizalberto

Luiz Alberto Veiga


Pena que só dá pra postar 10 fotos. Depois desta visita me sinto um insignificante aprendiz de pintor.


Brooke Wylin💋 (@brookeewylin) Instagram Profile Photobrookeewylin

Brooke Wylin💋


Europe Tour Day 11: We walked through Dachau Concentration Camp in the morning and it was a very moving experience. Then we had a free day in Dachau, so Alyssa and I went to the Alte PinaKothek art museum. And continued to walk around and found a beautiful old church rebuilt after being bombed in WWII. We had a delicious German pot roast with potato dumplings and warm apple pie. We ended the day at an Irish Pub and ‘science bar’. ☔️ 🖼 ✡️


Jurgen Vermaire (@lets_talk_about_art) Instagram Profile Photolets_talk_about_art

Jurgen Vermaire


François Boucher, Portrait of Marquise de Pompadour, 1756, Oil on canvas, 201 x 157 cm, Alte Pinakothek, Munich. François Boucher, 1703-1770, was a painter, engraver and designer whose works are regarded as the perfect expression of French taste in the Rococo period. Boucher first won fame with his sensuous and light-hearted mythological paintings and pastoral landscapes. He executed important decorative commissions for the queen at Versailles and for his friend and patron, Mme de Pompadour. In 1734 Boucher became the principal producer of designs for the royal porcelain factories, as well as director of the Gobelins tapestry factory. In 1765 he became director of the Royal Academy and held the title of first painter to King Louis XV. During the 1740s and ’50s Boucher’s elegant and refined but playful style became the hallmark of the court of Louis XV. His work was characterized by the use of delicate colours, gently modeled forms, facile technique, and light-hearted subject matter. Boucher is generally acclaimed as one of the great draftsmen of the 18th century, particularly in his handling of the female nude. Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson became marquise de Pompadour and maitresse en titre to Louis XV in 1745. Her lavish patronage of the arts, in particular of the Sèvres porcelain factory and of Boucher, sustained the French Rococo style. All his portraits of Madame de Pompadour are characterized by directness and emphasis upon spontaneity. Boucher placed her reading, reclining, and well equipped with books. In this depiction with lavish dress she pauses in her reading. Check out my other accounts: @art_questions_and_debates & @my_favorite_work_of_art

Rachel Tate Goodwin (@racheltategoodwin) Instagram Profile Photoracheltategoodwin

Rachel Tate Goodwin


10/10 recommend getting lost in Germany with your best friends

Prof. Dr. Marion Kiechle (@marionkiechle) Instagram Profile Photomarionkiechle

Prof. Dr. Marion Kiechle


München hat einen neuen Stargast in der Alten Pinakothek: Vermeers Briefleserin in Blau. Unfassbar schöne Ausstellung in der in der neu renovierten Alten Pinakothek München

Marco Walzel (@marcowalzel) Instagram Profile Photomarcowalzel

Marco Walzel

 Instagram Image by Marco Walzel (@marcowalzel) with caption : "Very cool that the original artwork for Reverence hangs in Munich #rubens #PWD #munich" at Alte Pinakothek - 1783944400714270137

Very cool that the original artwork for Reverence hangs in Munich

Vanessa Kø (@iamvanessako) Instagram Profile Photoiamvanessako

Vanessa Kø

 Instagram Image by Vanessa Kø (@iamvanessako) with caption : "Feeling super small and super arty. Thx to @marlene__linda photography 🌷#altepinakothek #muenchen" at Alte Pinakothek - 1795214054420541209

Feeling super small and super arty. Thx to @marlene__linda photography 🌷

Benedetta Belloni (@bellonibenedettaa) Instagram Profile Photobellonibenedettaa

Benedetta Belloni

 Benedetta Belloni (@bellonibenedettaa) shared  Image at Alte Pinakothek on Instagram - 2003963126114222012

so i cut my hair and i’m in munich what else is new🤷🏼‍♀️

LENA 🌍 MUC/NUE (@lenalefeu) Instagram Profile Photolenalefeu


 Instagram Image by LENA 🌍 MUC/NUE (@lenalefeu) with caption : "cultural sunday ⚜️🖌 #altepinakothek #münchen #sundaywellspent" at Alte Pinakothek - 1646582861988235881

cultural sunday ⚜️🖌

Elena Marra (@elenamarra12) Instagram Profile Photoelenamarra12

Elena Marra

 Instagram Image by Elena Marra (@elenamarra12) with caption : "✨🌹" at Alte Pinakothek - 1722753684717486265


Viaggio Senza Sosta (@veradisciorno) Instagram Profile Photoveradisciorno

Viaggio Senza Sosta

 Instagram Image by Viaggio Senza Sosta (@veradisciorno) with caption : "Ammetto l'ignoranza, non pensavo che Monaco di Baviera avesse così tanto da mostrarmi.
Domenica sono andata a visi" at Alte Pinakothek - 1887253461411183560

Ammetto l'ignoranza, non pensavo che Monaco di Baviera avesse così tanto da mostrarmi. . . . Domenica sono andata a visitare i musei di arte della città bavarese, e ne sono rimasta entusiasta. Ogni domenica il costo del biglietto per ogni museo è pari a solo € 1,00 e al loro interno ci sono alcuni quadri famosissimi e stupendi. In particolare io sono rimasta incantata a guardare un quadro di uno dei miei pittori preferiti di sempre, Gauguin. . . . E voi amate i musei e l'arte? Quali sono i pittori che più amate? Vediamo se indovinate il mio... Diciamo che sarà necessaria una gita a Roma a breve per vedere qualche suo quadro che per un po' starà lì... . . . P. S. Sto provando il preset che ha creato e REGALATO a tutti la fantastica Francesca di @lasottilelinearosa vi piace?

Irena Jurek (@irenadegreat) Instagram Profile Photoirenadegreat

Irena Jurek

 Instagram Image by Irena Jurek (@irenadegreat) with caption : "✨🧚🏻‍♀️ #fragonard" at Alte Pinakothek - 1790154738982286287


 Image by @lukasbialas with caption : "der Kritiker" at Alte Pinakothek - 1947334351473852714

der Kritiker

Veronica Stewart-Frommer (@sf_veronica) Instagram Profile Photosf_veronica

Veronica Stewart-Frommer

 Instagram Image by Veronica Stewart-Frommer (@sf_veronica) with caption : "Rat pack seeks out something to feast our eyes on; two of us are sleepy and all of us filtering the window light. More p" at Alte Pinakothek - 1944648169187719995

Rat pack seeks out something to feast our eyes on; two of us are sleepy and all of us filtering the window light. More pretzels.

Gustavo Zago (@zagogu) Instagram Profile Photozagogu

Gustavo Zago

 Instagram Image by Gustavo Zago (@zagogu) with caption : "já acorda com saudades" at Alte Pinakothek - 1852969837219842719

já acorda com saudades

Дуња Поповић (@bassistkinja) Instagram Profile Photobassistkinja

Дуња Поповић

 Instagram Image by Дуња Поповић (@bassistkinja) with caption : "stairway to" at Alte Pinakothek - 2037768733723816894

stairway to

Nevena Djuric (@nenadjuric) Instagram Profile Photonenadjuric

Nevena Djuric


Benefit kada sa tetkom, istoričarkom umetnosti odeš u muzej, pa imaš privatnog vodiča 🎉


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