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Jammu and Kashmir medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Jammu and Kashmir

Rising Kashmir (@rising_kashmir) Instagram Profile Photorising_kashmir

Rising Kashmir


Muslim children recite holy book Quran during the fasting month Ramadan at the Mosque in Sumbal on 21 may 2019. Muslims around the world celebrate the holy month of Ramadan by praying during the night time and abstaining from eating, drinking, and sexual acts during the period between sunrise and sunset. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and it is believed that the revelation of the first verse in Koran was during its last 10 nights. Shuaib Masoodi / Rising Kashmir


Aliya khan (@aliya_khan021) Instagram Profile Photoaliya_khan021

Aliya khan

 Aliya khan (@aliya_khan021) shared  Image at Jammu and Kashmir on Instagram - 2049956330728261188


SURYA BHANU SINGH | ATHLETE (@bhanusingh__) Instagram Profile Photobhanusingh__



Congratulations to All Indian You all have chosen The Most Deserving most suitable most intellectual PM ever.

Aju sharma (@ajusharma_99) Instagram Profile Photoajusharma_99

Aju sharma

 Aju sharma (@ajusharma_99) shared  Image at Jammu and Kashmir on Instagram - 2050616700847751771
J&K JOBS UPDATE | OFFICIAL |🔵 (@jkjobsupdateofficial) Instagram Profile Photojkjobsupdateofficial



Answer in the Comments. Swipe Left for More 👈👈👈👈 Follow @jkjobsupdateofficial for More Updates.

safura khan😘🌟 (@safura_khan77) Instagram Profile Photosafura_khan77

safura khan😘🌟

 safura khan😘🌟 (@safura_khan77) shared  Image at Jammu and Kashmir on Instagram - 2050075325564931522
WOMEN COLLEGE CONFESSIONS🔵 (@womencollege_confessions) Instagram Profile Photowomencollege_confessions



Today an initiative was launched by the Matador Union in collaboration with District Police Jammu, called the GirlsGoEasyNow. SDPO Gandhinagar, Dr Sunniya A. Wani, spearheaded the initiative. Under this initiative, the Matador Union dedicated two Matadors exclusively for lady commuters. The first such service was started today to ply on the Satwari chowk - Makwal route. Thereafter, one more bus will ply on the Sumb - Toph area route. This initiative is meant for the convenience of lady commuters.

R A J A T♠️ (@imrajat1998) Instagram Profile Photoimrajat1998

R A J A T♠️

 Instagram Image by R A J A T♠️ (@imrajat1998) with caption : "But my personality is lit" at Jammu and Kashmir - 2049324609572239115

But my personality is lit

👑 भानु राजपूत 👑 (@bhanurjput) Instagram Profile Photobhanurjput

👑 भानु राजपूत 👑

 Instagram Image by 👑 भानु राजपूत 👑 (@bhanurjput) with caption : "Simplicity...🤙🏻" at Jammu and Kashmir - 2050703669668032698


 Instagram Image by S@ku* (@__miss__world___) with caption : "Feeling natural" at Jammu and Kashmir - 2049921615009397802

Feeling natural

Ajay Thappa (@ajay.thappa.376) Instagram Profile Photoajay.thappa.376

Ajay Thappa

 Ajay Thappa (@ajay.thappa.376) shared  Image at Jammu and Kashmir on Instagram - 2050518813594001674
Jammu Royals (@jammuroyals02) Instagram Profile Photojammuroyals02

Jammu Royals

 Instagram Image by Jammu Royals (@jammuroyals02) with caption : "Good morning" at Jammu and Kashmir - 2050553900205037605

Good morning

Mukesh Sharma (@jay_chauhan_jojo_fc) Instagram Profile Photojay_chauhan_jojo_fc

Mukesh Sharma


Happy Brother's Day👬😍😍

heer_ishu (@heer_ishu) Instagram Profile Photoheer_ishu


 Deepakkumar (@deepakkumarprajapti) shared  Image at Jammu and Kashmir on Instagram - 2049925652901512878

Since Quora won’t let me answer it i will write it here ....we all have been hearing about Jammu and Kashmir as a pretty unstable,sensitive,unsafe and a place full of people who don’t like india ...i have been here on vacation here for a week now and i have learnt two things first DONT TRUST WHATEVER MEDIA TELLS U. 90% of that shit is exaggerated and so fake..second this place is heaven and literally heaven not only in terms of the beautiful scenery but also the people here are no less than angels ..the last pic is with a kashmiri named ahmed and his granddaughter..i saw this girl just so cutely waving at me so i went with a chocolate and played with her and then i started talking to ahmed and went for an hour..the most pure conversation i ever had with anyone..i will sum it up and say that the people here depend on tourism that’s all they have and because of these media reports the tourism has dropped like anything the people here each and everyone i came across treated me and my family like their own family snd they all consider us indians their family because of a few uneducated peeps let’s not forget about these golden hearted individuals and I REQUEST EVERYONE READING TO SHARE THIS AS MUCH AS U CAN AND LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT JANDK IS A SAFE PLACE AND WAY BETTER THAN SWITZERLAND OR ANYTHING sooo pls let ur next vacation be this location and let’s stop with these negative thoughts and remember that these people are our own people...i might not be the best writer but my message i shuld be pretty clear taht people here are not what we all think and Jammu and Kashmir is not a place full of terrorists but a place full of breathtaking beauty and golden hearted people...peace👋(Share with everyone peeps👍🏻)@quora

 Instagram Image by Nitish (@nitish_pandith) with caption : "💞💞🌹🌹❤❤" at Jammu and Kashmir - 2049901068172569337


WOMEN COLLEGE CONFESSIONS🔵 (@womencollege_confessions) Instagram Profile Photowomencollege_confessions


 Instagram Image by WOMEN COLLEGE CONFESSIONS🔵 (@womencollege_confessions) with caption : "😂😂😂" at Jammu and Kashmir - 2049982404239942868