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List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Cheat Meal.

IFBB PRO Ismael Martinez (@ismaelmartinezd) Instagram Profile Photoismaelmartinezd

IFBB PRO Ismael Martinez

 Instagram Image by IFBB PRO Ismael Martinez (@ismaelmartinezd) with caption : "Quien te dijo que la Pízza hamburguesas y tacos son malos para ti ?🍕🍔🌮🍟
Muchos que hacemos dieta de ves en cuando tenemo" at Cheat Meal. - 2049610960016022852

Quien te dijo que la Pízza hamburguesas y tacos son malos para ti ?🍕🍔🌮🍟 Muchos que hacemos dieta de ves en cuando tenemos esa ansiedad de comer algo diferente como pizza, hamburguesa, tacos, sushi, etc a mi me pasa y es normal en cualquier persona que haga dieta, lo que uno debe de hacer es actuar inteligente y saber en qué momento se podría hacer una cheat-meal y eso va depender de cómo vaya evolucionando tu físico, aún así que sabemos que contiene demasiada grasa o calorías esto lo podemos ocupar a nuestro beneficio para llenar los músculos y tener ese extra de glucógeno para un entrenamiento con mejores resultados, esto te lleva a -Tener más energía para tu entrenamiento -Tener un mejor bombeo -Ayuda a mejorar la Lubricación de articulaciones -Te ayuda tener menos estrés mental Todos estos beneficios serán favorables para ti siempre y cuando no abuses de estas comidas trampa. Si quieres yo puedo asesorarte 🙌🏻 👈🏻 o busca el link en mi Bio.


 Instagram Image by Eman (@eman_suleman) with caption : "I understand the contempt and criticism I receive for not raising my voice for rape victims. A lot of you have been mess" at Lahore, Pakistan - 2049565698888742536

I understand the contempt and criticism I receive for not raising my voice for rape victims. A lot of you have been messaging me, questioning me, for not raising my voice for Farishta, and you did the same when I didn’t raise my voice for Zainab. You haven’t been kind about it. As a matter of fact, you’ve been cruel. I can understand, there’s a lot of pent-up anger and frustration. Farishta and Zainab are just two, amongst countless, the ones who get social media coverage, and then, the ones who don’t. So many. If I start, there won’t be an end. There’s a tweet I read 10 mins ago about a 16 year old girl who went out for sehri with a friend, the police stopped them and raped her. Fajr k waqt. I read about two other victims on Facebook, tomorrow there will be more. I sat down to finally make a post about it; I thought about making it about the rapists instead of the victims. I was googling pictures and articles, so I could show you their faces. There are hardly any. Mostly pictures of the victims. Little girls. This is also because so many of the perpetrators haven’t been held accountable. There are more rape victims and dead bodies than there are rapists and murderers. That said, I do evade this, I’m not going to lie. You see, it’s a trigger for so many, so many of you message me sharing your experiences, your ordeals. Sometimes I respond, other times, I don’t, and I am sorry for that. I really am. For people who’re sending me spiteful messages, I understand there isn’t much you can do to protest all that is happening, there is, of course, but that requires you to change your lifestyle, and dedication, which we all lack tbh, and holding us accountable makes you feel as if you’re doing your part, but you’re really not. Don’t confuse my silence for complicity. If you want to make a change, hold enablers, perpetrators, apologists accountable. Protest in front of their houses, their offices, their stations, on the streets. Mein tyaar hun. Aap bhi ho jayein.



Gulzar is a gardener. He works for 2000Rs a month from each house, and marely earns 14000Rs a month . Last month, he had his left eye operation , but could not get operate due to lack of resources. Surprisingly , albeit he never asked for any help from anyone, he had my attention. We cannot change his relentless life , but we must take endeavours to make his life a bit better . Alhamdulillah i spent my zakat amount by ordering zakat ration bundles from @darazpk . It was an easy and efficient way to order best ration bundles for as low as 500Rs/bundle. Every 3 bundles you buy, will also donate a bundle to one of their own charity partner. You can also make your own customised ration bundles , you deem needy or even donate to an NGO. [108:1-2] We have blessed you with many a bounty. Therefore, you shall pray to your Lord (Salat), and give to charity.

Huda Shah (@hudashahh1) Instagram Profile Photohudashahh1

Huda Shah

 Huda Shah (@hudashahh1) shared  Image at Channel 24 News Lahore on Instagram - 2049209485356018683
ÑôBïtá 🐣 (@la_eee_bayyy) Instagram Profile Photola_eee_bayyy

ÑôBïtá 🐣

 Instagram Image by ÑôBïtá 🐣 (@la_eee_bayyy) with caption : "DO WHAT MAKES YOUR SOUL SHINE ❤️💫" at Stay Away Bae - 2048974797833950141


Armala Hassan (@armala.hassan) Instagram Profile Photoarmala.hassan

Armala Hassan

 Instagram Image by Armala Hassan (@armala.hassan) with caption : "Dinner date with better half 😍" at Urban Kitchen Lahore - 2049586852583095818

Dinner date with better half 😍


People are so rarely what they seem. @natashazubair what an angle ❤️ for @crossstitch_official

Umama Ismail Khan (@umamaismailkhan) Instagram Profile Photoumamaismailkhan

Umama Ismail Khan

 Instagram Image by Umama Ismail Khan (@umamaismailkhan) with caption : "Faked this smile for the photo because I was so much nauseated and had high fever. Kya kch nahi kerna parta photo k lye!" at Gym Khana - 2049519342483487130

Faked this smile for the photo because I was so much nauseated and had high fever. Kya kch nahi kerna parta photo k lye! fashionbloggers

M.N (WORLD) 🇵🇰 ✈️ (@mujtaba8x) Instagram Profile Photomujtaba8x

M.N (WORLD) 🇵🇰 ✈️

 Instagram Image by M.N (WORLD) 🇵🇰 ✈️ (@mujtaba8x) with caption : "Ready to Fly 🛫" at Lahore, Pakistan - 2049233839290055062

Ready to Fly 🛫

Ahsan Rajpoot😘❤️ (@ahsan_rajpoot0011) Instagram Profile Photoahsan_rajpoot0011

Ahsan Rajpoot😘❤️

 Ahsan Rajpoot😘❤️ (@ahsan_rajpoot0011) shared  Image at Moon Market, Lahore on Instagram - 2049382988512701785
Sameen A. Gardezi (@sameenrrizvi) Instagram Profile Photosameenrrizvi

Sameen A. Gardezi


Never enough 🧀 Table courtesy @banorrizvi

ᔕᗩᗩᗪ IᗷᖇᗩᕼIᗰ️️™️ (@saadofficial_insta) Instagram Profile Photosaadofficial_insta

ᔕᗩᗩᗪ IᗷᖇᗩᕼIᗰ️️™️

 Instagram Image by ᔕᗩᗩᗪ IᗷᖇᗩᕼIᗰ️️™️ (@saadofficial_insta) with caption : "تہمت تيرے عِشق  کی،،،
اوڑھ لی چادر کی طرح۔۔!" at Wazir Khan Masjid مسجد وزیر خان - 2048809238905587946

تہمت تيرے عِشق کی،،، اوڑھ لی چادر کی طرح۔۔!

Soha Afzal Official (@sohaafzalofficial) Instagram Profile Photosohaafzalofficial

Soha Afzal Official


Iftar Dinner 🥘

Nasrullah🍁 (@_nasrullah_e) Instagram Profile Photo_nasrullah_e



When you feel my heat,look into my eyes. It’s where my demons hide,it’s where my demons hide‼️

EMAD BUKHARI 💯 (@emadbukhari1225) Instagram Profile Photoemadbukhari1225




Deep Writes (@deep_writez) Instagram Profile Photodeep_writez

Deep Writes

 Deep Writes (@deep_writez) shared  Image at Lahore, Pakistan on Instagram - 2049520274239768894
 Instagram Image by Zahra Waseem (@zahra_waseem.official) with caption : "“Tears are words that need to be written”" at Lahore, Pakistan - 2049536533016685579

“Tears are words that need to be written”

 Image by @mishaaym with caption : "nights that never die.
infinite." at Lahore, Pakistan - 2049170887525325673

nights that never die. escape. infinite.

Jackson Marz (@j_marz_) Instagram Profile Photoj_marz_

Jackson Marz

 Instagram Image by Jackson Marz (@j_marz_) with caption : "PT. 2" at Bunny's - 2049087325597651412

PT. 2

Adnan Sajid ✨ (@zexn) Instagram Profile Photozexn

Adnan Sajid ✨


Sunrises, Messy hair, Good music, Blessed friends, Enough reasons to smile...