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Santa Barbara, California medias on Instagram

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 @mariaelayne shared  Image at Santa Barbara, California on Instagram - 1937512035189284988
Holistic Happiness Coach (@meganlee_co) Instagram Profile Photomeganlee_co

Holistic Happiness Coach

 Instagram Image by Holistic Happiness Coach (@meganlee_co) with caption : "Today an older white man who I didn’t know and only offered a polite smile to said to me “they need to start checking gr" at Inspiration Point - 1937508362356115804

Today an older white man who I didn’t know and only offered a polite smile to said to me “they need to start checking green cards, there are a lot of illegals around here”. 😳 that was me, why would this guy feel like it was okay to say this to me? What a hateful thing to say to a complete stranger. Did he assume that just because I am white I would agree with this hate? After the seconds of shock I could feel my outrage getting ready to burst from my lips. Instead of letting it explode. I turned away. I gave it no response, no attention. Likely I wasn’t going to change his mind and I definitely wasn’t going to do it by yelling at him. Exploding with outrage would have only made me feel icky. It wouldn’t have been true to my values. So I turned away, quietly letting him know I had no interest in that way of thinking. Some might argue I was complicit because I didn’t stand up. Instead of yelling at him I did good. I spread love to every cashier, every store employee I ran into, everyone got a smile. Because that’s how it works. Hate will always be there, love is the only thing that counteracts it. I choose to be a force of love today. To counteract the hate. Being kind will always be free.

 Instagram Image by Taylor (@neonblondde_) with caption : "Such a nice day 😎" at Santa Barbara Beach - 1937503782277316905

Such a nice day 😎