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Maxim Dovečar ( Instagram Profile Photo

Maxim Dovečar

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— { Swipe to see my journey. Kicking PCOS in the ass. 🎗 I was diagnoses officially in February after I suddenly gained extreme weight out of nowhere (+22 kilograms) in less than a year. I was sent to several examinations until I got the official diagnosis which was PCOS and oligomenorrhea. I was put on hormonal pills and strict dieting. I went vegan 🌱 due to my intolerances and I started to exercise daily for an hour and also stretch then meditate. And this is the result. I lost 21 kilograms so far. 💪 Some days, weight goes up and some days, it goes down. But I am starting to love and accept my body. I wish my mental health was getting better too but I hope it will soon. Slow process shows great results. Girls, I encourage you to visit an endocrinologist if you experiance weight gain, missed periods, hair loss, severe mental health changes, acne and thicker body hair. PCOS is NOT rare! 1 out of 10 women has it. It is not worth stressing and listening to comments why you are overweight or moody. You could be suffering with this monster. Although, the illness has no cure, we have each other. Fellow cysters. 💙 I did not know I have PCOS and I am happy that I listened to my body and went to the doctor. YOU know your body best. If you have any struggles, share them with me. I am here for you. 💪 } ✖ ✖ ✖ #셀픽


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우울할때 날 풀어주는̆̈ 언어 세가지중 두가지가 충족됐고 마지막 저기압일때 고기앞까지 완벽, -

T. V.Offical (@t.j.manoban) Instagram Profile Photo t.j.manoban

T. V.Offical

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 image by 한재혁 (@hxx_jxxhxx) with caption : "존나힘드네" - 1890873689940238771
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