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Zapateria Estilos (@zapateriaestilos) Instagram Profile Photo zapateriaestilos

Zapateria Estilos

 Instagram Image by Zapateria Estilos (@zapateriaestilos) with caption : "Kolosh 🇧🇷
📍Zapatería Estilos, Local #1 del Mercado Municipal de Atenas" at Zapateria Estilos Atenas - ZEA - 1917674994445761106

Kolosh 🇧🇷 📍Zapatería Estilos, Local #1 del Mercado Municipal de Atenas

McKayla Diane ~ 27lbs ⬇️ (@mckayladiane) Instagram Profile Photo mckayladiane

McKayla Diane ~ 27lbs ⬇️

 image by McKayla Diane ~ 27lbs ⬇️ (@mckayladiane) with caption : "You can do it, if you believe in yourself enough to do it. Dream big, don’t take no for an answer, keep plugging along e" - 1917674955429227768
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You can do it, if you believe in yourself enough to do it. Dream big, don’t take no for an answer, keep plugging along even when you don’t think you can. . . Via @motivationapp: The biggest sources of motivation are your own thoughts, so think big and motivate yourself to win. ⬇📱 Download Motivation from the AppStore #1 Inspirational Quotes App @motivationapp

finsta amigas♥ (@finsta_amigaslocas) Instagram Profile Photo finsta_amigaslocas

finsta amigas♥

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Día Crush.💛 #1 Nayeli. Alanna. Son unos guapos JAJA.

English Teachers Team📚 (@english_teachers_team) Instagram Profile Photo english_teachers_team

English Teachers Team📚

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What an excellent and nice greeting by these students. .Bilingüe Agua Fría #1...🙏🏻😃🍎

 image by podobyy (@andulaolachova) with caption : "#1" - 1917674835532405762
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People Trainer, Ethan Halfhide (@bigeasydoesit5) Instagram Profile Photo bigeasydoesit5

People Trainer, Ethan Halfhide

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**MY SECOND BIGGEST GOAL SETTING SECRET** Make Your Dreams A Reality I get that you would love to look like that sexy fitness model on the cover of the latest sports illustrated magazine. Maybe you just want to loose 100 lbs, get rid of the spare tire or my personal favorite “the bingo wings” (which I think is a very majestic name for loose skin around the upper arm). Honestly, some of you just want to be able to walk around without feeling so dam tired and stiff! But how do you turn these dreams into reality? . . The good news is that you have already accomplished the first goal, you’ve dreamed a big dream and you’re excited by the idea of accomplishing that new goal. Now that you’re filled with enthusiasm and motivation you have to (or have your trainer) set small goals that will help you get there in a timely manner. . . See once you set that 3 month goal then, and only then, can you set your activation goal. This right here is the missing ingredient to adherence. It is the catalyst for change, the secret to going the distance, the spinach for popeye....alright you get where I’m going with this. . . It’s the most overlooked component of goal setting. See before a rocket can be blasted into space it’s thrusters have to be ignited, those thrusters are firing for a couple seconds before the rocket actually takes off. This activation goal is the key to takeoff, it is what will launch you towards your dreams. . . Set this goal as a smaller part of your 3 month goal, you could simply make it a third of your goal if you want to keep it simple. View this as the initial stepping stone of your dream, the first step that makes your dream feel a little more real. The possibilities are limitless when this is accomplished. . . #1%better