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Chris Vázquez (@cubanochris_) Instagram Profile Photo cubanochris_

Chris Vázquez

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October 10th, known simply as “El Diez de Octubre,” is a national public holiday in Cuba commemorating Cuban Independence Day — On October 10th, 1868 (150 years ago from last Wednesday), Carlos Manuel de Cespedes proudly declared the rebellion of the Cuban nation against the Spanish crown with his famous “Grito de Yara” — Cespedes (Carlos not Yoenis 😉) is regarded as the “Father of the Homeland” by Cubans everywhere. An educated lawyer and wealthy slave owner, Cespedes made history a century and a half ago when he freed his slaves and called for the abolition of slavery in Cuba — The following year in 1869, Cespedes was named the first “President of the Republic in Arms” on the back of a rebel victory at the Battle of Bayamo. The struggle for independence that ensued would last until 1878 and appropriately be called the Ten Years’ War — Despite the decade of struggle, the Ten Years’ war ended with a general amnesty that brought neither the abolition of slavery nor independence to Cuba. Cespedes was killed in battle in 1874, but his heroic ideals would go on to inspire future revolutionaries like José Martí, the Apostle of Cuban Independence who united the Cuban nation in the Spanish American War that followed — Martí also became a martyr while fighting for Cuban freedom after he was fatally wounded at the Battle of Dos Rios. Although Cuba ultimately won the war against the Spanish, the island lamentably just changed hands from Spain to the U.S. — The U.S. military occupied Cuba until May 20th, 1902 when the Platt Amendment went into effect. They withdrew only under the condition that they could intervene at any time to protect their interests on the island — Cuba effectively remained under U.S. supervision and influence until Castro’s 1959 Communist Revolution. But I would argue that it then became its own worst enemy — Cuba may have been sovereign, but it has never been free. The island went from being dominated by superpowers like Spain and the U.S. to being economically propped up by countries like the former Soviet Union and Venezuela while being dominated by its own repressive regime — 150 years later, Cuba continues its fight for freedom . 📸 @cuballama

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 image by Fele👑Gam (@felegam) with caption : "Es tiempo de sacudir el polvo, mirar hacia adentro, ocuparte de tu cuerpo, cambiar tus pensamientos y dejar que los recu" - 1893073687869840071
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Es tiempo de sacudir el polvo, mirar hacia adentro, ocuparte de tu cuerpo, cambiar tus pensamientos y dejar que los recuerdos tóxicos se los lleve el viento. #10deoctubre

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Acemcal Ascemcol Medicina

Desde la ACEMCAL nos unimos a la lucha por una educación superior pública gratuita y de calidad. #10deOctubre

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Raikol Sigler

 image by Raikol Sigler (@elog_sigler) with caption : "Beach #marazul #10deoctubre #rhlm" - 1891569361355120632
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Beach #10deoctubre