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Test #4.2 Technics 630. Output +8. 40Hz 16bB roll off. CAt:666-001.4.2

Re/max Win - Servicios Inmobil (@remax_win) Instagram Profile Photoremax_win

Re/max Win - Servicios Inmobil

 Instagram Image by Re/max Win - Servicios Inmobil (@remax_win) with caption : "✔ TOP 5 ACUMULADO 2018. Agentes que por servicio de excelencia estan en el podio. Felicitaciones 🔝#1🥈 @estebanjpaz, 🔝#2 " at Re/max Win - Servicios Inmobiliarios - 1935131870682853847

✔ TOP 5 ACUMULADO 2018. Agentes que por servicio de excelencia estan en el podio. Felicitaciones 🔝🥈 @estebanjpaz, 🔝@pauvarone , 🔝@valeria.granata, 🔝#4 @josemanuelremax, 🔝@claudiopapandrea . 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 . . . . 🔴⚪🔵

Stefano Panetta (@stefanopanetta11) Instagram Profile Photostefanopanetta11

Stefano Panetta

 image by Stefano Panetta (@stefanopanetta11) with caption : "Torino🐂-Gozzano🔴🔵 #4-0 #calcio #goal #gruasport #vittoria #+3" - 1935131639642397419

Torino🐂-Gozzano🔴🔵 #4-0 #+3

J0$H🅿💰95827📍 (@stupidrichh) Instagram Profile Photostupidrichh



Tomorrow’s our 8 months together n damn there’s sm I could say baby I’m so so happy yu mines ong I couldn’t ask for a better female 💯 you’ve helped me threw sm n have showed me sm I’m thankful I can call this cutie mine swear 😍😍💍💍💍🤤🤤🤤 I love u babygirl I can’t wait to make more memories w yu 💍🤤😍❤️❤️❤️🔐🔐🔐💍💍💍💍 #4.16.18💍😘

SKA-Variagi 2009 (@skavariagi2009) Instagram Profile Photoskavariagi2009

SKA-Variagi 2009

Открытое Первенство ЛО 2018/2019 3 игра Ладога / СКА ВАРЯГИ 2009 ⠀ 0:17🎉 ⠀⠀⠀ Поздравляем с победой !💫 В третьем периоде наши нападающие поменялись позициями с защитниками 🔥💪🏻 Очень было интересно смотреть за ребятами в новом амплуа 🤩 ⠀ # 17 Сидоров ( Шарапов #4 Болмат) Батищев ( Долгоруков ) # 23 Шарапов ( # 17 Сидоров ) # 78 Налбандян # 78 Налбандян # 33 Долгоруков ( Налбандян Батищев) # 66 Семёнов ( # 77 Митрофанов ) # 13 Катеев ( # 77 Митрофанов Семёнов ) # 4 Болмат ( Сидоров Коркишко ) # 77 Митрофанов Шарапов # 13 Катеев # 77 Митрофанов # 33 Долгоруков ( # Налбандян) Баскаков ( Андреев # Тимофеев ) # 43 Тимофеев ( # Болмат ) # 26 Шестаков ( # 78 Налбандян) # 17 Сидоров ⠀

Danielle Rivoli - PWR (@raisingmeadowsage) Instagram Profile Photoraisingmeadowsage

Danielle Rivoli - PWR

I get asked a lot, I mean A LOT...”how to get abs”, how often I train abs, what are my favorite exercise for abs and so on. I’m going to tell you. And you might not expect the answer, because until I learned this myself....I wouldn’t have believed my answer either. . I train abs 1 and 1/2 days a week per the . 🤪 Crazy right?! I thought people with abs had to be doing a lot more than that! Like maybe every day, all day! 🤣 . I actually do one ab day (which was today!) and a Shoulders and Abs day. BUT. I do actually train abs everyday. Every shoulder press, bench press, pull up, push up, bicep curl whatever it is you see me core is engaged and being trained. LIFTING weights is how I train abs. Also. I’d like to point out, on this journey if mine, I’ve never done crunches. Pre-kids and this journey I was under the impression I needed to do 17,000 crunches to “get abs”. But nope. I needed to change my diet, and be more consistent in the gym. “Abs are made in the kitchen” is a thing. 👈🏻 Which is the shocking part. What I eat is everything. I eat 140g of protein per day. I feed my body what it needs to gain muscle and was able to lose fat so that abs show. This isn’t magic. It’s math. It’s science. And for me, it’s macros. . Don’t get me wrong, my ab day is one of my favorites. I love training core. Three of my favorite exercises for core are hanging leg lifts, any cable wood chop, and cable crunches! (Bonus #4 is inchworms!) Also these “dead bugs” from today (with the yellow ball looks easy enough but holy 💩 they are no joke! . Posted above from today is 3.0 abs! Have a great weekend everyone!

Une Fleur Parmi les Fleurs (@unefleurparmilesfleurs) Instagram Profile Photounefleurparmilesfleurs

Une Fleur Parmi les Fleurs

 image by Une Fleur Parmi les Fleurs (@unefleurparmilesfleurs) with caption : "Concours terminé !
C’est @p0mpelop qui remporte une Oya offerte par @oyas_planet 😍🌿💦
Pour en savoir plus sur les oyas, n" - 1935130983804306304

Concours terminé ! C’est @p0mpelop qui remporte une Oya offerte par @oyas_planet 😍🌿💦 Pour en savoir plus sur les oyas, n’hésitez pas à regarder mon mini vlog #4 de mercredi ou bien le site de @oyas_planet, j’adore l’idée et je pense qu’on n’a pas fini d’en parler 😊 Merci à tous les participants et à bientôt !!!