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soft space

 image by soft space (@softspaceari) with caption : "Join us as we plunge the final nail in the coffin of Peak Void: Death, the Abject, and the Monstrous. 
Please welcome ou" - 2052028619496238723

Join us as we plunge the final nail in the coffin of Peak Void: Death, the Abject, and the Monstrous. Please welcome our swansong, Abbi Blueher. @abbiblueher Abbi Blueher’s work engages the visual lexicon of glossy magazines of that dictates and upholds society's notions of sexuality, nationalism, power, ie the consecrated, the sacred, that which is worthy of being worshipped.  Christian art has evolved into contemporary mass media of our Capitalist culture, dictating beauty and power in order to justify oppression, genocide, and exploitation as inherent and divine. From Illuminated text, to Martin Luther's list of grievances nailed on a door, to catalogues and magazines posturing as lifestyle enhancers, algorithm ads on Instagram, the tradition of insidious appropriations of social movements for capital gain has been maintained and enhanced for millennia. Abbi works to confront the brutality of this tradition, the inherited patriarchal dictation of meaning that distorts our sense of self by presenting these “sacred objects” in collage with contrasting ideas of power and sex by means of cutting together, pulling apart, folding, layering, tearing and sculpting. ​ ________________________ #abjectart

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Zoe Beaudry

Come see my grossest painting (debatable) “The Arc of the Moral Universe” and some less gross ones too at Art Hop next week at InForm Architecture!

 image by Gonzo (@gonzocharlton) with caption : "‘binal echo’" - 2050206301295910314

‘binal echo’

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Taryn DeLeon Mendiola


filth jars i-xii (shown in The Chapel, a collaboration with @bryce.sawyer and @just_some_workbyabz ) in this series of sculptures i collect and contain my residue and debris in a compulsive attempt to keep my body from disintegrating. the process is a sloughing away of my body into a smaller form; the jars are my daughter cells. #abjectart