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Duane Aakre (@duaneaakre) Instagram Profile Photoduaneaakre

Duane Aakre

 image by Duane Aakre (@duaneaakre) with caption : "A 1990 #Acura #NSX on #LasVegasBoulevard #AKA #TheStrip in #LasVegas.
#AcuraNSX #Funfacts:
1) The first generation" - 1958880998754149240

A 1990 on in . . . . NSX : 1) The first generation NSX was sold from 1990 to 2005. 2) It was the first production car with an all body. 3) Desgned to compete with the , it was powered by a 270 engine mated to a 5-speed . It used to lower reciprocating weight which allowed an additional 700 rpm bringing the engine's to 8,000 rpm. 4) In 1900, a total of 1,119 NSXs were sold in the U.S. Peak U.S. sales came in 1991 with 1,940 units. By 2005, U.S. sales had dwindled to 207 units. Total sales over the 15 year production run was 18,000. . . .


Rides Hub           🔵 (@rides_hub) Instagram Profile Photorides_hub

Rides Hub 🔵

 image by Rides Hub           🔵 (@rides_hub) with caption : "😍🔥
@rides_hub .
#jdm #acuransx #jdmcars #jdmnation #jdmsociety #honda" - 1958876267755497251

sorry bout the dark vibes, it just felt right when i was editing

Luc Desormeaux (@desormeaux.luc) Instagram Profile Photodesormeaux.luc

Luc Desormeaux


Juste au cas où, ma fête arrive dans quelques mois. :) C'est ma couleur en plus. #acuransx