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aditiimam (@aditi_imam) Instagram Profile Photo aditi_imam


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Some people lie about being in love, and some people say nothing when they are in love, so you can also examine their behavior. since most guys tend to do stupid jokes with his crush .because he want to see how you react. If he says something like “when will we have our kids?” followed by a nervous smile, well that's you signal..( just remember his reply to the reporter about adi's b'day gift) .He is shy at first and expert in stealing side glances : He hesitates in looking at you directly and mumbles while talking. He is ecstatic in ur happiness and he is sensitive towards your feelings.. U can see a glitter in his eyes when he introduces her to his friends.. And what does he feel when he is in love ? What make him blushing like an idiot..may be he is dreaming..😉 Actually, it’s not just one feeling! It’s a mixture of hell lot of feelings! Happiness when you are with that person. Angry or disappointed when she is not with u..all of his insta stories are the proof..zainji, i dont care if u say nothing or 'no comments' i swear U R IN LOVE ❤ forlife

aditiimam (@aditi_imam) Instagram Profile Photo aditi_imam


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If you really look into the story of adiza you will realize it is a series of a few simple coincidences, which made the outcome so beautiful.. It was just a coincidence that our Romeo happened to meet his Juliet..yes she is introvert and he us extroverted but they have the same gestures.. GOOD FRIENDS forlife

AvNeil AdiZa World (@avneil_world_dream) Instagram Profile Photo avneil_world_dream

AvNeil AdiZa World

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Kisi ko koi diffrence nazar araha hai kya husband ke staring main aur good friend ke staring main zainu ji jaldi se official kardo ab bohat hogay ka natak forlife @zainimam_official @ad_aditirathore93

 Instagram Image by muskan (@adiza_for_life) with caption : "And in her smile i see something more beautiful than stars 
@ad_aditirathore93 @zainimam_official #avneil #aditirathore " at Lakecity udaipur - 1911038581050565515

And in her smile i see something more beautiful than stars @ad_aditirathore93 @zainimam_official forlife Please cast adiza together for your new show they have super amazing chemistry the show will top the trp list please have faith on us we won't disappoint you please cast them together we are 100000 % sure that you will not regret your decision please cast together please @shashisumeetproductions @shashisumeet @sumeetm @colorstv please we are sure you won't regret your decision plz cast them together

aditiimam (@aditi_imam) Instagram Profile Photo aditi_imam


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First of all he have a crush on her..Then they become friends..he thought she was a friend, and he loved talking with her and hanging out with her, but then he find out she is in a relationship, and all of a sudden, he start feeling jealous..He secretly find himself wishing that they would break up..she is the one god created for him so like his wish something miracle happened and they break up..At this point, he understood that he need to come forward and admit his true feelings for her, even if it means losing the friendship.. But she is not ready to lose the friendship with him because she knows that he is a nice guy and she needs him..Somewhere along the line, the way she think and feel about him changed. She enjoys being around him in a way that is different from how she is with other friends..A healthy relationship should make you feel like the best version of yourself..just look and see the difference on their face and their emotions when naamkarann comes to an end and before..How someone can ask that is Adiza real ??? How someone can resist from shipping them.. ADIZA FOREVER forlife @ad_aditirathore93 @zainimam_official