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アートハーベスト (@art.harvest) Instagram Profile Photo art.harvest


 Instagram Image by アートハーベスト (@art.harvest) with caption : "#博多大丸 #フランス蚤の市 出店中!1階アンテナプラス。来週火曜日まで。

1850年代の #ファッションプレート です。子供服を紹介したものですが、(丈が足が見えてます)、バトミントンで🏸遊んでいる珍しい図。銅版に手彩。

#アンティー" at 大丸福岡天神店 - 1873223431575689915
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出店中!1階アンテナプラス。来週火曜日まで。 1850年代の です。子供服を紹介したものですが、(丈が足が見えてます)、バトミントンで🏸遊んでいる珍しい図。銅版に手彩。 #anaistoudouze



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Dressed Podcast

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Episode 18: She’s a Fashion Plate, an interview with Antoine Bucher and Nicolas Montagne⠀ ⠀ This trio of plates represent the work of three of sisters who were some of the most in-demand fashion plate artists during the early 19th century. Known originally as the Colin sisters, after they wed they went by their married names of Anais Toudouze, Heloise Leloir and Laure Noel. Their works are exceptionally finely rendered and frequently depict scenes of sentimental friendship and motherhood, which were common themes in 19th century fashion plates.⠀ ⠀ Image 1.) Anais Toudouze, hand-colored engraving, Magasin des Demoiselles, January 25, 1849, Image credit: Courtesy of FIT Library Special Collection and College Archive, New York, NY Image 2.) Heloise Leloire, hand-colored engraving, La Elegancia, c. 1865, Image credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY Image 3.) Laure Noel, hand-colored engraving, Musée des Familles, 1864, Image credit: Museum of Fine Arts Boston⠀ ⠀ , , , , , #anaistoudouze, , ,