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Joe Cooper (@cooperscanon) Instagram Profile Photocooperscanon

Joe Cooper

 Instagram Image by Joe Cooper (@cooperscanon) with caption : "sticking close to the things we love. 
#film #35mm" at Laguna Beach, California - 1958328098589887505

sticking close to the things we love.

Analog Nights (@analognights) Instagram Profile Photoanalognights

Analog Nights

 image by Analog Nights (@analognights) with caption : "Thank you to and please follow @drewdriskellphoto for a great analog night photo.
Please DM or tag @analognights #anal" - 1958317598819199202

Thank you to and please follow @drewdriskellphoto for a great analog night photo. . Please DM or tag @analognights for a feature. ・・・ Found a roll of exposed in the freezer. Couldn’t remember when or where I had shot it... Just got scans back from @richardphotolab and it turns out this was my first ever roll of Cinestill! Just cruising the streets of small town Oregon trying out a new film a couple winters back. I now recall just swagging exposures because there was not enough ambient light to illuminate the meter in my old Canon F1. But I’m willing to bet I rated this at 800. I’ve rated it at 500 since and I’m honestly more pleased with the box speed. I probably just left this in the freezer for so long out fear that this was probably a waste of a roll. I’ll admit I actually like a few shots! Check out my other account @the_whole_roll for more shots from this night.- - - - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #analoglove