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JC ╱ Fashion Photographer (@cerillafrommanila) Instagram Profile Photocerillafrommanila

JC ╱ Fashion Photographer

 Instagram Image by JC ╱ Fashion Photographer (@cerillafrommanila) with caption : "we on that part of the color wheel today @jaminacruz @mazaaa at @primastellamgt by @studio.cerilla" at Makati city - 1980192567548389138
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we on that part of the color wheel today @jaminacruz@mazaaa at @primastellamgt by @studio.cerilla

モん吉とアビ~ド~ン (@cubc50703) Instagram Profile Photocubc50703


 image by モん吉とアビ~ド~ン (@cubc50703) with caption : ".
CHINON 35FX-Ⅲ/Fujifilm Superia Xtra400
「1/125 f8の風景⛰」こんな運試し初めて見た‼️👀瓦投げとだいたい同じようなコンセプトなんだけど実際コントロールの良い人だけが運勢UPと" - 1980172006264799935

. . CHINON 35FX-Ⅲ/Fujifilm Superia Xtra400 . . . 「1/125 f8の風景⛰」こんな運試し初めて見た‼️👀瓦投げとだいたい同じようなコンセプトなんだけど実際コントロールの良い人だけが運勢UPという不公平さだけが際立つ運試し輪投げ😁🎯だけど不公平は世の常なんで幸運は自分の手で努力して掴め‼️とおみくじに書いてあることなんかよりよっぽど見ているだけで教訓になりました😂. . . #analogshooters


It's here! A new issue of Conspiracy of Cartographers!! Link in profile! This issue focuses entirely on Kodak's Vericolor III as processed with DIY ECN-2 chemicals. This process gives new life to the old and expired emulsion. Most of the photos were taken during the Summer of 2018 a variety of cameras from the Mamiya RB67 to the lowly Argus C3 - and even a 1914 Kodak Brownie Box camera. 6"x6"; 40p; full freakin' color! Sliding scale pricing from $5 to $15 (with a suggested of $6). Will ship out Mondayish. Link in profile! #analogshooters