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E M Flowers (@e_m_flowers) Instagram Profile Photoe_m_flowers

E M Flowers


Sibby knows to expect a baseline level of harassment whenever the cat takes an interest 😼


Federico Trost (@fedetrost) Instagram Profile Photofedetrost

Federico Trost

 image by Federico Trost (@fedetrost) with caption : "Someone’ watching my back: Chifel the cat!
#cat #catwalking #watchmyback #animalfriends #curiositykilledthecat" - 1961544984139952558

Someone’ watching my back: Chifel the cat! #animalfriends


I thought we had the rules clear but I guess I’ll have to have another chat with him... #animalfriends

1ClassLifestyle - Sergei VB (@1classlifestyle) Instagram Profile Photo1classlifestyle

1ClassLifestyle - Sergei VB


THE POWER OF FAITH - After this family's dog had a stroke, vets suggested to put Faith to sleep but her family decided to give her one more chance. When the next day, she lifted her head up a little, they saw signs of hope. So her family took her back home and started their own rehab. For weeks, Faith couldn't stand up, they helped her at all hours by carrying her out to adjust, to eat and to get water. But Faith is also a fighter, and never gave up like her family. Now look at her. Go Faith! . 👏🐶👍🐾🤗🐕💪🙏 . Love, care and compassion are amazing healing weapons and can make all the difference in the world. We can say what we want but in the end life, it is all about chances. The impossible becomes possible! It becomes a testament to show the unbelievers that if we try, we can do or be anything. That against all odds, it is what the future brings, a new beginning, a chance to be loved, to forgive, to let go, to be something more, and to move forward. So, let's never give up! 😉🙏🐾 --- Repost from @light.knowledge.power via @happiness4all 📹 @thehook . --- @1classlifestyle - You Are Only A Dream Away... 👍

Tülin Tekiner (@tulintekiner) Instagram Profile Phototulintekiner

Tülin Tekiner

 image by Tülin Tekiner (@tulintekiner) with caption : "Pazarını gerçek ihtiyaç sahiplerine ayırmışsan. Onlar için barınak inşaa etmişsen. Sevmişsen. Okşamışsan. Azıcık ısırılm" - 1961525539411996766

Pazarını gerçek ihtiyaç sahiplerine ayırmışsan. Onlar için barınak inşaa etmişsen. Sevmişsen. Okşamışsan. Azıcık ısırılmışsan. Üstüne soğuğa rağmen ısınmışsan ve bir bardak çorbayı haketmişsen daha ne olsun. Ne ünvan ne para ne şatafat. Biz hep rafine mutluluk yaşarız. 💚 güzel haftalar. Günaydın tek tutkuya. not: berem için teşekkür ediyorum @ryarsy 🌱. Minnoşlar da çok sevdi ❤️ #animalfriends

TIFFANY YANG (@tiffclyang) Instagram Profile Phototiffclyang



it’s safe to say that these ladies love as much as i do #animalfriends