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Equestrian Life🐎 (@ag_equestrianlife) Instagram Profile Photo ag_equestrianlife

Equestrian Life🐎

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Today’s focus was to work on her being softer in the mouth. Every time she gave to the pressure I would throw the reins away so that she knows she did the right thing #applythemethod



Mandie Johnson (@mandie_n_brandi) Instagram Profile Photo mandie_n_brandi

Mandie Johnson

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Look at what I did today! Levi and I rode together for the first time! He did well! No buck, no fight. He already knew flexing which made it all so much easier. I am aware my stirrups are long, they were up as short as they would go. It is now fixed and they are at a good height. Levi is officially in training under saddle! Chance, you’re next bud! 😉 #applythemethod #applythemethod

Daytona McWhorter (@dmhorsemanship) Instagram Profile Photo dmhorsemanship

Daytona McWhorter

 Instagram Image by Daytona McWhorter (@dmhorsemanship) with caption : "The weather has been crazy lately! It rained on & off for about 2 weeks, snowed ❄️ & went from 85° to 50° in a day. Even" at DM Horsemanship - 1891709745910008783

The weather has been crazy lately! It rained on & off for about 2 weeks, snowed ❄️ & went from 85° to 50° in a day. Even with all this crazy weather the filly is coming along nicely, we are getting ready for a first ride on the other filly I've been working with & trying to get ready for winter. 🐴 Unfortunately with the weather the last couple shows we planned on attending were cancelled 😞 We will be going back next year! #applythemethod

TrosclairEquine (@trosclairequine) Instagram Profile Photo trosclairequine


 image by TrosclairEquine (@trosclairequine) with caption : "#Repost @downunder.horsemanship with @get_repost
One of the best ways to deter a horse from bolting or doing any oth" - 1891557821573499738
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@downunder.horsemanship with @get_repost ・・・ One of the best ways to deter a horse from bolting or doing any other dangerous behavior on the trail is to check in with him every once in a while by asking him to move his feet and soften his body. As you’re walking down the trail, ask him to two-track or sidepass. Do a bending transition. Draw him to a stop. Keep him tuned in to you and on his toes. I’m not saying you can’t ever put him on a loose rein, but every so often, you need to put his feet to work and get him to check back in with you. If you only ride your horse on autopilot, letting him go down the trail on a loose rein, he’ll find something to do with his energy and I can guarantee that whatever he finds to do won’t be your idea of a good time. - Clinton#ApplyTheMethod

🐴Rachel Peterson🐴 (@passionforhorses24) Instagram Profile Photo passionforhorses24

🐴Rachel Peterson🐴

 image by 🐴Rachel Peterson🐴 (@passionforhorses24) with caption : "Saddling up and enjoying life! #applythemethod" - 1891544949574331298
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Saddling up and enjoying life! #applythemethod

Sophieke & Éowyn (@my.filly.eowyn) Instagram Profile Photo my.filly.eowyn

Sophieke & Éowyn

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Hoooman, what is this cloth you’re sitting on? Can I eats it? —————————————————————— It is possible to love another being as much as I do? I know it might sound cheesy, but -even though she can be quite difficult- since Èowyn is in my life, she has made it so much better. She is my first horse. I’ve taken care of -and ridden- many horses in the past, but she is my very first own horse. She is also the most special one I’ve ever taken care of. It’s hard to describe, because her personality is so different all the time.. I just constantly think about her and wonder how she is. If she’s warm, if she’s well fed, if she’s happy.. I sometimes feel like a mom I guess. I know that might sound ridiculous.. It might be because she is still a baby, that I feel more responsible. Or maybe everyone with a horse experiences this. Am I alone in this? Or do any of you also experience these feelings? Please tell me about you and your horse’s bond ♥️