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 image by Zonanyaman (@zoonanyaman12) with caption : "Aku adalah hujan jika tak suka berteduhlah
#artwork" - 1892058314827435610
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Aku adalah hujan jika tak suka berteduhlah @trirahmadani354 #art


White & Gold Art Studio (@whitegoldart) Instagram Profile Photo whitegoldart

White & Gold Art Studio

 image by White & Gold Art Studio (@whitegoldart) with caption : "Inktober 2018 Day 15: Cruel #tenofswords #inktober #inktober2018  #swords #art #sketch" - 1892058309524390803
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Inktober 2018 Day 15: Cruel #art


photographer (@_atenanaseri_) Instagram Profile Photo _atenanaseri_


 image by photographer (@_atenanaseri_) with caption : "#portrait#photo#photography#
Portraitphotography#photomontage#phot" - 1892058310482249669
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# Naturalphotography#art# Photographer# Portraitphotography#

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the silver in the background looks a bit weird because the calligraphy pen decided it wasn’t going to work so i had to use a brush for the other half - - - #art

LemongroveGallery (@lemongrovegallery) Instagram Profile Photo lemongrovegallery


It is always a pleasure to have the beautiful works of @sherreevalentinedaines in our galleries. Here in our Reading gallery we are falling in love with this stunning original piece that we are so lucky to have! As the face of modern British Impressionism, Sherree has been the artist of choice for celebrity portraits including Joanna Lumley, Michael Parkinson and members of the Royal Family. Her rich, painterly style of full of life and texture, captivating timelessness, golden moments and memories we can all relate or aspire to. Sherree has expert handling of contrasting colours and creates an authenticity that generates unrivalled intimacy between viewer and subject. #art