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Marni Moonchild (@kindheartymeals) Instagram Profile Photokindheartymeals

Marni Moonchild


I could LITERALLY cry thinking about how many people have never had artichokes fresh. They are SO freaking tasty and the list of health benefits is pretty long! (Swipe to see benefits) To eat you remove one leaf at a time, dip it in your preferred sauce and eat the bottom of the leaf. When you get to the center you remove the tiny leaves, remove the fuzzy part and then your REWARD is the artichoke HEART. 💚 You are WELCOME PEOPLE. My dipping sauce is almost as important as the artichoke itself, it's so addicting and I use it on other (raw) veggies! Olive oil, a splash of Bragg's liquid aminos and a bunch of nutritional yeast 😋 This WILL seriously change your life. #artichoke

Stacey Goodwin (@mediaenthusiast) Instagram Profile Photomediaenthusiast

Stacey Goodwin

 image by Stacey Goodwin (@mediaenthusiast) with caption : "#preptime #mealprep #artichoke" - 1959871899192123950
Local Touch By Joy👒 (@whereisgunay) Instagram Profile Photowhereisgunay

Local Touch By Joy👒

Roma usulü enginar, Puntarelle salatası Nino’da bir efsane... makarnaları söylemeye gerek yok ... bunlar daha özel yiyecekler..

Vegecontrarian (@vegecontrarian) Instagram Profile Photovegecontrarian


Finished the #🤭 @firezzapizza give you a choice of three ingredients on your so I went for #artichoke and roasted #😋 good too . . .