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Numb Tracer (@tautandtame) Instagram Profile Phototautandtame

Numb Tracer


– Day 26: Bought Without Hearing Or For The Art. Cheer Accident - Introducing Lemon. I purchased this record from my old favourite “record store” here in Montreal, Backroom Records. Backroom Records was a small pseudo-shop run out of the back of an apartment in the Mile End neighbourhood. It could only be accessed via the alleyway, and they had several used albums sold on consignment, and also new releases from Mississippi Records. Warren Hill, who’s known as the guy who discovered the Velvet Underground & Nico acetate (look up the story, it’s kinda interesting) owned and ran the shop. He also sold mix tapes of blues, highlife, and jazz, along with some delicious baked goods. When browsing their bins one day, this one caught my eye, as it seemed more random than just a marching band album. And sure enough, upon turning the sleeve around, I saw the back cover image, and the Skin Graft logo, and I just knew that I had to buy this record. It’s basically avant-garde art/post/noise rock with elements of math rock and free jazz. It was recorded by Steve Albini, and has that general “open” and “raw” sound that his recordings tend to give. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least. The highlight of the album for me is the amazingly dark and humorous Camp O’Physique, but the rest of it is a great listen as well. Strongly recommended for all my fellow weirdos out there. -collection #avantgardemusic

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nyc noise

this is what i got b4 laptop died, pretend i’ve got @flowersforalloccasionsgallery & anything else i missed lol // c u l8r • • link in bio ( takes u 2 page w/ links, submit shows there or msg/tag me 2 make sure i catch yrs, comment what i missed, xoxo • • #avantgardemusic

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Dylan Zambrano

 image by Dylan Zambrano (@dylanzambrano13) with caption : "Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (o simplemente D.A.F) tomaron la agresividad y simplicidad del Punk y crearon (junto " - 2052496557410110609

Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (o simplemente D.A.F) tomaron la agresividad y simplicidad del Punk y crearon (junto a la ayuda del genial productor Conny Plank) un tipo de música electrónica industrial que definiría el sonido de las generaciones siguientes. Su trilogía con Virgin es un claro ejemplo de su revolucionaria musica y es de escucha obligatoria para entender la historia de géneros como el E.B.M y la música industrial contemporánea. music