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D I E G O    S C H I E W E  🇧🇷 (@dschiewe) Instagram Profile Photo dschiewe

D I E G O S C H I E W E 🇧🇷

Quem não gosta de um desafio, não é mesmo😜?! Desafio de Strict MuscleUp: 1-Pegada Normal 1-Pegada um pouco aberta 1-Pegada aberta 1-Pegada normal 1-Pegada fechada — @cfgymnastics #BarBrothers

Vicho 😬💪✌🔥💯 ( Instagram Profile Photo

Vicho 😬💪✌🔥💯

Creative Calisthenics. (@chiko_the_natural) Instagram Profile Photo chiko_the_natural

Creative Calisthenics.

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Prepping for the 2k18 with my brother and coach @dannyvdberg_ going for sets and reps and in the mean time getting some bits and pieces together for next years freestyle. . . #barbrothers