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三天三個城市: 兩場扣人心弦的NBA開季首戰 + 一場溫馨感人的婚禮 + 話不完的家常與止不住的笑聲. 雖然散落四方代表久久才能見到一次面,但每一次都默契十足,每一次我也都充滿正能量的滿載而歸. 謝謝你們大家的招待,期待下一次的相聚 😊 The 2018 tour continues with two super exciting NBA home openers over the weekend and a heartwarming wedding, all featuring some of my most awesome friends. On Friday, the defending champions won on a game winning tip in as @lpz_rubi collected her first NBA game experience and I got to check my 16th NBA arena off the list (Utah Jazz). . Then on Saturday, the "no breakfast crew" @ephyocouch , @jinkucoach7 , @ttran1123 and I were introduced to some fancy pre-game festivities by our fearless leader Brian, followed by an exciting win for my beloved @dallasmavs . A quick hop across the border on Sunday brought me to witness @wanyun.chang and @aska_chang big day!! So happy that you guys found each other 😎 . Last but not least, Vancouver trip is never complete without hanging out with the cutest Wong family led by @mortgage_by_kevin and @justychang . Always a pleasure, always a good time 😊. . Thank you all for your hospitality and friendship! Until next time~ . . . #basketball


Olimpicoaranjuez (@cbolimpicoaranjuez) Instagram Profile Photo cbolimpicoaranjuez


 Instagram Image by Olimpicoaranjuez (@cbolimpicoaranjuez) with caption : "Partidos del fin de semana de @cbolimpicoaranjuez , ya entran en faena todos nuestros equipos!! Mucha suerte a todos y a" at Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain - 1895828005473949435

Partidos del fin de semana de @cbolimpicoaranjuez , ya entran en faena todos nuestros equipos!! Mucha suerte a todos y a disfrutar compitiendo 🏀 #basketball


AltiSport & RIGsports agency (@altisport_rig) Instagram Profile Photo altisport_rig

AltiSport & RIGsports agency

 image by AltiSport & RIGsports agency (@altisport_rig) with caption : "«ТЕМП-СУМЗ-УГМК"  побеждает «Иркут» (88:73) в рамках #Суперлига1
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Андрей И" - 1895827902059329481
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«ТЕМП-СУМЗ-УГМК" побеждает «Иркут» (88:73) в рамках Статистика наших клиентов: "ТЕМП-СУМЗ-УГМК" - Андрей Иванов ( 12 очков + 4 подбора + 1 передача + 1 перехват), Дмитрий Артешин @basketart12 ( 10 очков + 8 подборов + 1 передача) "Иркут" - Никита Зверев ( 4 очка + 2 подбора + 1 блокшот) Алексей Жердев @zheks229 ( 9 очков + 6 подборов + 1 передача ) #basketball

Mr.J comic zone/B.strong👊👊👊 (@bigbadjoker216) Instagram Profile Photo bigbadjoker216

Mr.J comic zone/B.strong👊👊👊

Reza Arian (@drrez10) Instagram Profile Photo drrez10

Reza Arian

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Jayson Tatum Impeccable Gold RC Autograph / 10 🔥 #basketball #🍀