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This is going to be an amazing week, friends! Make sure to experience nature daily. It’ll help you adjust to the pointless time change. I promise. Have an amazing day! ❤️ #betterlivingbynature


This place is AMAZING. 8.5 million people are projected to come here by the end of this year. I wonder why? Just kidding. I know why! Have an amazing night, my friends. It’s time to star gaze & lose myself to this already wondrous night. ✨ #betterlivingbynature 🦌🦆

 image by Sarah (@betterlivingbysarah) with caption : "In less than one week, these beauties will be welcoming me into their big, beautiful golden arms of Love! 💛 I am so exci" - 1887875434894766703

In less than one week, these beauties will be welcoming me into their big, beautiful golden arms of Love! 💛 I am so excited! A nice dose of nature’s wondrous glory is exactly what the Dr ordered. There isn’t anything that centers me like nature can. Even at 42 degrees yesterday, it didn’t stop me. I love nature & wildlife so much. If you’ve never been to @estesparkcolorado you truly are missing out. Estes Park showed me that dreams do come true at the young age of 23 when I told the Universe that I wanted to get married on a mountain top, my wish was granted! 🙏 Do what centers you & makes your heart happy, my friends. Likewise, surround yourself with people that center you & make your heart happy. It’s never too late. Have an amazing day, today, my friends. What are you most looking forward to, today? ✨ #betterlivingbynature 🍁


It’s starting!!! The corn & beans are starting to dry up which means FALL Is practically here! 💛 Isn’t my view amazing? So many awesome happenings happen in Fall. I love how drastic the season change is from day to day. Especially, in the mountains! I LOVE the mountains. So much so, I’d scrapped our entire wedding so I could follow my dream of getting married on a mountaintop! ☀️We did, on 09/22/07. Our wedding date was originally 08/16/08 & we’d gotten engaged at a ridiculously young age on 11/18/06. Since I can’t have the mountains with me, Sacred Mountain is the next best thing! Though it’s considered a manly scent, I love its earthy nature. It feels like home, to me. Every time I breathe it in, I envision myself enmeshed in a golden Aspen forest & living in a yurt. Though yurts only exist in Airbnb’s, I know some day I’ll get my yurt. Like anyone really has a yurt just sitting there in their backyard, right?! I will change that because I will, some day! 💋❤️ There isn’t any dream too big or too silly, my friends. Anything is possible so long as you allow it to be. 🙏Now, off to enjoy this breezy day & picking apples with my babes! #betterlivingbynature