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 Instagram Image by Egoitz Icaza (@egoitzicaza_worldinphotography) with caption : "Los ojos del agua
Una de ayer estrenando la Olympus M1X. 
Un pequeño charco puede ser un buen motivo fotográfico y si el" at Gorbea Natural Park - 2006601257791470783

Los ojos del agua Una de ayer estrenando la Olympus M1X. Un pequeño charco puede ser un buen motivo fotográfico y si el agua está retenida más todavía, ya que un sin fin de formas y colores se mezclan allí. The eyes of water One picture of yesterday releasing the Olympus M1X. A puddle can be a good photographic reason and if the water is retained even more. There mixed a myriad of shapes and colors. @esolympus#birdlife_insta


Brown goshawk (Accipiter fasciatus) . . . Brown Goshawks are medium-sized raptors. They have a brown head, slate-grey to brown upperparts with a red-brown collar across the upper nape of the neck, and finely barred underparts of red-brown with white. The rounded wings are dark brown to grey above and buff to reddish brown below with darker wingtips, and the long rounded tail is grey with dark bars. The long legs are yellow, with reddish brown feathering about the thighs. The eye is bright yellow. Males are smaller than females. Young birds have grey-brown eyes, with brown, streaky plumage. The Brown Goshawk is widespread but secretive. Brown Goshawks are found across Australia in suitable habitats. They are also found in New Guinea, the Lesser Sundas, New Caledonia and the New Hebrides. The Brown Goshawk is found in most timbered habitats. They feed on small mammals, with rabbits a particularly important prey item, as well as birds, reptiles and insects and sometimes, carrion (dead animals). They hunt stealthily from a low, concealed perch, using sudden, short bursts of speed to pounce onto prey and use their long legs and clawed toes to reach out and strike it. It will occasionally stalk or run along the ground after insects. Prey items are taken back to a perch to be partially plucked (mammals, birds) and then eaten. ( Source: ) #birdlife_insta @birdlifeoz@birdsofaustralia@wildmelbourne@wildlifevictoria@natgeo_australia@natgeoau@natgeoyourshot@natgeowild

Elaine Henley (@elaine_henley) Instagram Profile Photoelaine_henley

Elaine Henley

 Instagram Image by Elaine Henley (@elaine_henley) with caption : "Another colourful and busy wee bird- the Pygmy Kingfisher...." at Murchison Falls National Park - 2006554607542804007

Another colourful and busy wee bird- the Pygmy Kingfisher....