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“Variety is the spice of life” Try these Press Up variations to improve Muscular Strength of your Pectorals (Chest), Deltoids (Shoulders), Triceps (Arms) and Transversus Abdominus (Core)! 💪 1) Two-Arm Medicine Ball Press Up 2) Medicine Ball Press Up 3) Medicine Ball Plyometric Crossover Press Up #bodyweight

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⠀ Spider-man push up is not only one👊💪🔥❗️ . So from now I’ll post some push up variations👊❗️ This time is spider-man💪❗️ . Maybe usually if you know spider-man push up, you do regular version, no moving push up. But I prefer to do moving version if I have enough space to do👊💪❗️ . Have you ever tried moving version? If not yet, try it out, bro👊💪🔥❗️ . And if you wanna know how to do or how to change your body and life, feel free to send DM📩 . #bodyweight ⠀ ⠀ 💪🔥👊💯👊💥💪


Feeling stronger than ever


Three finger pullups.. Building my finger strength for bouldering as these are what tire out first. Making use of my finger board finally! @gripmonkeys #bodyweight