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Valentino Gomez (@vguru12) Instagram Profile Photovguru12

Valentino Gomez


Growing up iv always payed closely attention to lyrics of the music I tend to enjoy. By far sticky fingers this year has been the mostly relatable. I can hear the most foul negative, ugly opinion of my self coming from people around me. It's as if I can read there thoughts and I can hear it loud and clear. It's a struggle keeping the positivity alive but I find it to be more effective then keeping a pessimistic view on things. Sticky Fingers - Bootleg rascal (They keep coming straight an arrow When I know that she would love it to watch me explode I'm not clinicaly insane, but I am tormented Couldn't-but-I-wouldn't put it back together again We keep floating round the same ideas And I won't be getting started to find out it wasn't here(?) I'm free-falling through this slideshow Free-falling true and slow Free-falling won't stop me no more, cause I'm a bootleg rascal.) (People keep on creeping in, to my soul Their lies creeping in does it all When am I gonna keep my mind open To see the dream that keeps the world hoping A fine word to them souls with magic Kicking in the kingdom of the night and long white cloud * My face is voiceless, I keep my choices These parrot noises, I face these voices These parrot noises, I face these voices I keep my choices, these parrot noises I face these voices, I keep my choices Cause I'm a bootleg rascal) rascal

sexbugsrocknroll (@upthebug) Instagram Profile Photoupthebug


 Instagram Image by sexbugsrocknroll (@upthebug) with caption : "CALLING ALL EUROPEAN BUGLETS!!! 🦗🐛🐜
cuppla big ol' bugz bringin the stinks to the #continent for six #intimate shows acr" at Europe - 2043570839766899546
Europe ReportShareDownload046

CALLING ALL EUROPEAN BUGLETS!!! 🦗🐛🐜 cuppla big ol' bugz bringin the stinks to the for six shows across and ! love love love xoxo 🇪🇺🇧🇪🇳🇱 @jay.likethebird@maxjtlee@willandthepeople@charlieharman 📷:@freddycrabs • • • • • #bootlegrascal

a shlag has no name (@le_stanishlag) Instagram Profile Photole_stanishlag

a shlag has no name

 Instagram Image by a shlag has no name (@le_stanishlag) with caption : "Sticky Fingers were huge #stickyfingers #indie #australianband #bongrosjoint #bootlegrascal" at Astra Kulturhaus Berlin - 2042099655283383611

Sticky Fingers were huge #bootlegrascal

Welcome to my library.. (@band.exploraholic) Instagram Profile Photoband.exploraholic

Welcome to my library..

This concert was my life! I've met so many cool people! Hands up for @truevibenation giving this show an awesome vibe! Totally went crazy, felt like a total groupie 🍻🤯

Marcus Milostic (@marcus_milostic) Instagram Profile Photomarcus_milostic

Marcus Milostic

 image by Marcus Milostic (@marcus_milostic) with caption : "Bootleg rascal • 2018 .
#sureshaker #bootlegrascal" - 2040635448872441664

Bootleg rascal • 2018 . . #bootlegrascal