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Sins Customs (@sinscustoms) Instagram Profile Photosinscustoms

Sins Customs


BUiLT BY: @silentdeath_024 📷: @silentdeath_024 ========================== 🏴‍☠️SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SINS🏴‍☠️ @sinsofdeathmc 🇬🇧🇺🇸 ========================== Follow our RDR2 crew @thesinnersgang Follow our Customs Page @sinscustoms ========================== 🏖Del Perro Charter (Originals)🏖 @berserko_ President (First 9) @silentdeath_024 Vice President (First 9) @fal1en_h3ro Sgt. At Arms (First 9) @bigmike_2196 Club Enforcer (First 9) @sinsofdeath_gz334 Road Captain ========================== Interested in joining? Contact us on Instagram or Kik, look at highlight on club Instagram ‘Recruiting’ for details. ========================== Follow the MC family @bloodysoulzmc ========================== #brotherhood

Evon Neil Falconer Co2023 (@evon_neil_falconer_2023) Instagram Profile Photoevon_neil_falconer_2023

Evon Neil Falconer Co2023

 image by Evon Neil Falconer Co2023 (@evon_neil_falconer_2023) with caption : "Yess Sir this is how it starts 💯 Let Do Basketball tournament #basketball #strong #hardwork #brings #results #true #poin" - 1960626734577263638

Yess Sir this is how it starts 💯 Let Do Basketball tournament #brotherhood 👊

⚡️Francesco⚡️ (@carioggia_francesco) Instagram Profile Photocarioggia_francesco


 Instagram Image by ⚡️Francesco⚡️ (@carioggia_francesco) with caption : "Essere scemi insieme💕#brotherhood" at Montenegro-budva - 1960626030831455891

Essere scemi insieme💕#brotherhood

Wayne Frazzini 🇺🇸 TN (@wefrazzini) Instagram Profile Photowefrazzini

Wayne Frazzini 🇺🇸 TN


💥🗣 REAL TALK with @rep_hunter 🇺🇸 • • 💥”It was an approved strike on ISIS fighters in Mosul; meaning they were targeted for us to kill them, we weren't going to go in and shake hands with them and give them apple pies 🥧- we were gonna kill all of them."🦅💥 • • 💥Special Forces Warriors like Navy SEALs "are sent to fight the world's most vicious terrorists but they are held to standards developed for regular uniformed soldiers fighting other regulars from another Nations State"💥 • • 💥”Your fighting terrorists where once they put down their AK-47 their then considered civilians"💥 • • 💥ONE ☝🏻 CLARIFICATION: The dying ISIS DIRTBAG was a 17 year old Military Aged Male who was wielding a PKM Machine Gun and trying to slaughter US Troops & Iraqi ERD (he says he’s 17 on camera and also that he’s a member of ISIS) • • This false narrative aka about his age was propagated by Chris Czaplak the corrupt JAG who ALSO called my Husband “ISIS mana from Heaven” and that he is the reason why ISIS kills Americans (Czaplak’s full ISIS sympathizers speech is printed in NY Times)🤯🤬 • • 💥Czaplak is proof positive - "The military lawyers and the internal plea system that they have, they make their name by going after our own guys"😡 • • 💥🇺🇸 •@better_business_babe • 💥💥TAKE ACTION💥💥 1️⃣ Contact your CONGRESSMAN OR WOMAN 👩🏻‍💼👨🏾‍💼👨🏼‍💼👩🏽‍💼 When you call 📲 ☎️ Ask for their: LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR/CHIEF OF STAFF ~ AND ask🗣 “what is my representative doing to help FREE EDDIE GALLAGHER?” 🇺🇸 • • Find out how here ~ 👩🏼‍💻 2️⃣ Contact President Trump Go to and select ‘Contact’ POTUS from the drop down menu. 3️⃣ SHARE Eddie's Story or DONATE @ 🔱 🐸 4️⃣ Get a FREE EDDIE T Shirt! (Back in Stock @halffaceblades .com /apparel 💯👌🏻) 5️⃣ PRAY for JUSTICE for Eddie 🙏🏻🇺🇸♥️ • • #brotherhood

Zaidan Falah Abdillah (@zaidan.falah) Instagram Profile Photozaidan.falah

Zaidan Falah Abdillah

 image by Zaidan Falah Abdillah (@zaidan.falah) with caption : "Tetaplah maju walau tak ada yang mendorong...!
#photoshoot #photography #brother #brotherhood #adikku
#canon #ca" - 1960625645207464087

Tetaplah maju walau tak ada yang mendorong...! . . . . hood