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Anime Astronaut (@darkmoonflame) Instagram Profile Photodarkmoonflame

Anime Astronaut

 image by Anime Astronaut (@darkmoonflame) with caption : "Just something to post. Kaori a demon lord. "You're mine and no one elses Nazuki." She has full control over his heart. " - 2030357285756102999

Just something to post. Kaori a demon lord. "You're mine and no one elses Nazuki." She has full control over his heart. Her placid blue eyes are piercing. She is unforgiving and cruel and demands his love. #buffalo


Finally happy with the finish of the blank, buffalo scales put up a fight, but saw things my way after a little hammering 😁 glue is drying now, and a couple more 3v blanks ready to be sent for HT. #buffalo

Annunciation GOC Buffalo, NY (@annunciationgocbuffalony) Instagram Profile Photoannunciationgocbuffalony

Annunciation GOC Buffalo, NY

Service of the Twelve Passion Gospels - Holy Thursday evening After witnessing the betrayal of the Lord by Judas and His capture by the soldiers to be delivered into judgment, we come on Holy Thursday evening to accompany Christ in His holy journey toward the cross. During this service, we read the Twelve Passion Gospels, through which we hear about Christ's passion, His last instructions to the disciples, His trial in front of Pilate, His conviction and finally His crucifixion and death on the cross. One of the high points of this service is the procession with the cross around the church. After the reading of the fifth Gospel, the priest carries up the cross around the church in a solemn procession, while chanting the 15th Antiphon: “Today He is suspended on a Tree who suspended the earth over the waters." The procession with the cross around the church is a reenactment of the journey of Christ, carrying the cross from the gate of judgment (the place where He was judged by Pilate and was sentenced to death) up to the Golgotha or the place of the skull, where He was crucified. After the Procession with the cross, the cross is mounted in the middle of the Church, with great solemnity, to be adorned and worshiped. The service of the Twelve Passion Gospels is a live reenactment and a mystical participation in the journey of Christ through His awesome, holy, and saving Passion: “.... The spitting, the blows with the palm of the hand, the buffeting, the mockery, the reviling, the wearing of the purple robe, the reed, the sponge, the vinegar, the nailing, the lance, and above all, the Crucifixion and Death Which He condescended to endure willingly for our sakes” (Synaxarion for Holy and Great Friday). Taken from “Journey to Pascha” #Buffalo