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Bridge D'Urso (@bridgedurso) Instagram Profile Photobridgedurso

Bridge D'Urso


26 Shirts: Buffalo (@26shirts) Instagram Profile Photo26shirts

26 Shirts: Buffalo

 image by 26 Shirts: Buffalo (@26shirts) with caption : "NEW! Approved by @j_poyer21 himself, "Go Go Poyer Ranger" is available two weeks only, then it's gone. Every purchase re" - 2027409307217533524

NEW! Approved by @j_poyer21 himself, "Go Go Poyer Ranger" is available two weeks only, then it's gone. Every purchase results in a donation to Dan Zotara, a fellow Western New Yorker battling cancer. Presented by @WestHerr: 26SHIRTS.COM/BUFFALO . . . ve


Rachel Rizzo Hair and Makeup (@rachelrizzohairandmakeup) Instagram Profile Photorachelrizzohairandmakeup

Rachel Rizzo Hair and Makeup

*G.O.T. SPOILER ALERT* Rachel's week 2 takeaways.... · 1. I wonder why Briene feels the need to wear her hair all slick back like that. I get that she's a solider and not the most feminine, but if she's looking to the dudes for fashion pointers, might I point out that no one else is rocking that look. The dudes let their hair fly free, Briene, so let loose, girlfriend. You *really* need some softness around your face. We all know that you're more feminine than you let on. (Also, SUCH A PRETTY SMILE!! RIGHT? DANG GIRL, YOU HOLDING OUT.) · 2. I cannot even with the little girl who wants to protect the crypt. 😩💗 · 3. My kid was only 5 lbs at birth and he's still playing catch up (18 months old and only 22 lbs 😂😂) SO - my question is ... Do I start giving him giant's milk? Where do I find some? What does it taste like? Can I ease him into it by mixing it with cow's milk? How long should he drink it for before turning into a Wildling? Any help you can privide would be much appreciated. · 4. Theon is adorbs. Period. Glad he's back to his usual adorableness. · 5. Who has been doing Danny's hair all this time?? Where does she find the time to have this done every day?! Whoever is doing it has got mad skillz. Dang, girl. Think I could get a few pointers?? Hook a sister up. · 6. Speaking of hooking a sister up, Danny... Can't you order your hair wizard to fix Arya's situation? Obviously she's is trying to get some looks, so I think it would be really nice if you could lend her some hair magic. Or at least some shampoo. · 7. Also... Danny... You're banging your nephew. How was that not the absolute first thought after finding out that HE IS YOUR NEPHEW?! You're definitely way more like your father than you let on · 8. That song was on point. I'm not crying. You're crying. · 9. Everyone is dead next week. At the very least, Greyworm is definitely out. But probably pretty much everyone is dead. · What's your Game of Thrones predictions?? Who's dying next week?? How is everything going to end?? I NEED TO KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS, PEOPLE. WE NEED TO DISCUSS THE OPTIONS!!!! 😩😩😩 · 👆👆Hair by Rachel Rizzo

Chachabacha Books (@chachabachabooks) Instagram Profile Photochachabachabooks

Chachabacha Books

 Instagram Image by Chachabacha Books (@chachabachabooks) with caption : "Dear Buffalo, we love you. Sincerely, Cool People" at Mount Rubidoux - 2027389349008860481

Dear Buffalo, we love you. Sincerely, Cool People