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 Instagram Image by Adam Aka Mada (@madashots_wildlifenature) with caption : "#carabusviolaceus  otherwise known as a #violetgroundbeetle or the #rainbeetle. I found this one out during the day alth" at Weybrook Park Golf Club - 1960914265724439709

otherwise known as a  or the . I found this one out during the day although they are a nocturnal species of , from the family  . The violet ground beetle is a shiny, black beetle that has violet or indigo edges to its smooth, oval elytra (wing cases) and thorax. Adult beetles do not fly. . The species can be found in forests, parks, and gardens. Both adults and larvae feed on slugs, snails, worms and insects 🕷 . . . . #bugs_are_us_

Reptile Food and Supplies 🐛 (@curtishastheworms) Instagram Profile Photocurtishastheworms

Reptile Food and Supplies 🐛

Water time for everyone #bugs_are_us_

Michael McDade (@bunches_o_bugs) Instagram Profile Photobunches_o_bugs

Michael McDade

 image by Michael McDade (@bunches_o_bugs) with caption : "#goodmorning here’s a fly for everyone this #morning ." - 1960326789211324377

here’s a fly for everyone this .