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GRUMAIL ALERT!!! 🚨🚨 Mommy and me are SO happy!!! We just received a from our friends @dignifiedbeagle . Aunt Jess, your words touched our hearts so deeply! Even though we don't know each other in person, we know you're a great person with an pawmazing heart!! Thank you so much for sending us this great !! Special thanks for all the lovely pictures of our beloved and forever missed ! God bless your heart!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ . PORTUGUÊS . Aumigos, aueu acabo de receber um cãocartão da Tia Jess, lá dos Estados Unidos. Ela é a mamys do meu aumigo @dignifiedbeagle que virou estrelinha no ano passado!! Tia Jess é um aumor de pessoa e Steadman era um doce de beagle! Augente sente muita saudade dele! . #cachorros

012 Mobile SALE (@dvorinyo) Instagram Profile Photodvorinyo

012 Mobile SALE


And we are all still sad... Farofinha’s brothers: Farinha and Tio, each one, showing it at their own way... Farinha sometimes goes to sleep at Farofinha’s bed... Tio shakes when we mention Farofinha’s name... 😞😔😢💔😭 - pretty hard times... without you, we are not complete! s מבצע מיוחד למצטרפים דרכי ל-012.. 29 ש"ח הכל כולל הכול!! חייגו 0503012012

Fazer o que em Goiânia? (@fazeroqueemgoiania) Instagram Profile Photofazeroqueemgoiania

Fazer o que em Goiânia?


Não vai me dar bom dia?????? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Marque amigos 👥 s

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 Instagram Image by AdrePet (@adrepet) with caption : "Momento #AmorPeloMeuPet 💕 @paty_dn com SOL e LINDA ❤️❤️ #VemPraAdrePet #AmorPorPets #adote #cachorros" at AdrePet - 2049319797725311259
AdrePet ReportShareDownload04

Momento 💕 @paty_dn com SOL e LINDA ❤️❤️ #cachorros

 image by Ana (@comodequince) with caption : "Arya Stark
Valiente , sigilosa , guerrera
#gatitos #gatos #cachorros #got #aryastark" - 2049318428200381897

Arya Stark Valiente , sigilosa , guerrera #cachorros

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Tomgamesbr Breno

 image by Tomgamesbr Breno (@tomgamesbr) with caption : "Meu desenho" - 2049315955875589542

Meu desenho