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GreatSouthern Dags

Alice! Why do they call it Alice? Well, she was the wife of one of the men working on the Telegraph Station when the town was found.....Alice never actually went to Alice! And the Springs part.....they saw a waterhole and mistook it for springs till there was a a town named after someone who never visited and springs that never existed 😂. Nonetheless, we loved it. From modeling our Flynets in Standley Chasm while exploring the West Macdonnell ranges, to leaving a carrot trail for the Easter Bunny, dirtbike trail rides along dry river beds, a visit to the Central Australian & Aviation Museum to see our meteorite fragments from the Hendley craters where we freecamped and watching the Manly game from beanbags at the local pub. So much to do in the middle of Australia! Thought we'd stay a few nights and ended up there a week. Loved the and could have stayed longer! P.s. check facebook for more pics & vids #centralaustralia


Coober Pedy // Australia 🦘 . Stopped here on the way back down from Alice Springs to Adelaide! Fascinating historical mining town, and they are still digging up opals to this day - if you find one, it’s yours, and whatever fortune it brings you at the jewelers! Everyone lives underground and the hostel I stayed in was an experience to say the least!! I would have stayed here forever though, if I could hang out with these little darlings everyday! Josephine’s kangaroo orphanage is an absolute blessing, as the outback road is a death trap for all walks of wildlife in the desert. The work they do is incredible! Big love . #centralaustralia


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Eleanor Hogan

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Dusk ride on the Echidna Point Track—Autumn is my favourite season but it’s particularly glorious in Alice with its mid-20 temp days and crisp evenings. #centralAustralia

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 Instagram Image by Pauline_Lotodé (@pauline_ltd) with caption : "➿Uluru ➿
Le centre rouge, ou le dépaysement assuré.
#uluru #ayersrock #rock #redcentre #desert #outback #nationalp" at Uluru / Ayers Rock - 2029727004867637144

➿Uluru ➿ Le centre rouge, ou le dépaysement assuré. • • • #centralaustralia

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Thankyou to Anyone that has Devoted all or a part of their lives to protecting this awesome Country. Uluru really was something special there is something mystical about it and we’re not normally superstitious! Put this high on your bucket list. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #centralaustralia @akubraofficial@rhino_rack

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Lauren Wilson Art

 Instagram Image by Lauren Wilson Art ( with caption : "Ochre sands and shades of blue. The earth and the sky. The colours of central Australia. My home. I can not wait to brin" at Alice Springs, Northern Territory - 2029701912006028336

Ochre sands and shades of blue. The earth and the sky. The colours of central Australia. My home. I can not wait to bring you more of our central Australian series of earrings. #centralaustralia