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Close Grip 2x5 with 305 lbs. Top sets today after the 2x5 with 285. Nothing too special but I like the speed of these. Like I said before, getting strong in weaker positions. AndTris 🐢

YOUSSEF, NASM-CPT (@youssef.udefy) Instagram Profile Photo youssef.udefy


💥Push-Up Variation💥 — ❗️Because your shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in your body, it is the most unstable. With greater mobility always comes greater instability. This push-up variation really challenges your ability to keep your shoulder girdle in proper mechanics throughout the entire range of motion, firing up each and every rotator cuff muscle. Doing a couple sets of cable external rotation as a warm-up in your training is half-assing your rotator cuff strength potential. — 😈Now get to work! — SETUP — 1️⃣find a band that allows you to be off the floor when you initiate the pushup. Make sure the band is in good condition 2️⃣set the band at knee height — EXECUTION — 1️⃣make sure you keep your shoulders back and down 2️⃣keep your chest up and elbows close to your sides 3️⃣lower yourself and push yourself up controllably 4️⃣repeat

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Beth Moles

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Swipe to see @courtneyy.oneill in all her glory(and not like that 🙄) Trained chest and triceps fuelled by rage and a McFlurry kindly brought for me by my glamorous best friend 💛 Good session with some new exercises and an empty gym, was a very nice evening! Always enjoy sessions like these, legs tomorrow can’t wait! #chestandtris

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Close Grip Bench 2x5 with 285 lbs. Getting back into strength training while still having a good amount of volume. Going to push close grip for the first time in a year. A close grip PR would be nice if its there but that's not the goal. Also down 15 lbs. and still getting stronger. AndTris 🐢

 image by Hannah (@hmgfitness_) with caption : "🖤HAPPY SUNDAY🖤

don’t know why I’ve never worn this combo together before but I’m absolutely loving it, who’s ready for " - 1915493444694094955
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🖤HAPPY SUNDAY🖤 don’t know why I’ve never worn this combo together before but I’m absolutely loving it, who’s ready for the big @gymshark sale tomorrow🙋‍♀️ I’m absolutely gutted as I was looking through their site on Friday when the “hack” happened and was so confused I thought it was an error so added things to my basket but didn’t check out😂😭😩 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ trained chest, tris with a lil abs and have had a very chilled sunday, what about you guys?