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Hit some pose practice after a killer chest and triceps workout! Forgot to get footage of the actual workout but will next time. The gym has been so helpful during school and I’m just thankful for all that I am blessed. #chestandtris

Micah Michelle Seibert (@micahseibert) Instagram Profile Photomicahseibert

Micah Michelle Seibert


Pick friends that pick you. Well, we didn’t really pick each other but we sure do put up with one another! Well, let be honest, she puts up with me! Without a single doubt in my heart, God put us in one another’s life. She’s kind of the ying to my yang type friendship. We are a good balance, at work, in life, and even at the gym. I do my darnedest to keep her wild and she definitely reminds me when to stay safe or calm my rear end out. LOL. But seriously I’m so grateful for this kind soul who not only pushes me to grow with God, but also myself; even at work she checks me when I need a break. THANK YOU SHELB FOR BEING YOU. SHELBYYYY ca-caw!!! . . Example, this picture. She told me to be on top and my inner mean girl was like “heck no you will squish her.” She reminded me tonight that I’m more than the old me and that I’m not that person anymore. She pushed me and didn’t give up on me even when I was scared to do it and was giving up on myself. Love you shelb! 💓

Meganleigh 💛🌻 (@meganleigh.tlr) Instagram Profile Photomeganleigh.tlr

Meganleigh 💛🌻


Bench press.. the only time I wish people were in the weight room to spot me if need be. Now accepting applications for a super awesome spotter to help ya girl out at least once a week 😂

LA Fitness ReportShareDownload216

Guys 2019 will be my year to not back down from my failures. I did this edit all on my phone and I never thought I could ever do this. For what it's worth I'm proud of this edit and I want to continue pushing content out like this. Military press is a staple for my push days and to balance out my triceps I did close grip bench. I also threw in rope upright rows, lateral raises and Incline dumbbell flies. Be on the look out for my YouTube video coming up in the next couple of days! . . . . . . #chestandtris

Maggie Anderson (@maggie.anderson12) Instagram Profile Photomaggie.anderson12

Maggie Anderson

Wisconsin ReportShareDownload031

Saturdays Chest/Tris Sesh ⬇️ . Warm Up: Incline Walking 1. Tricep Pushdown 4x10 2. Assisted Dips 4x8-10 3. Reverse Tricep Pushdown 4x10 4. Over the Head Chest Flyes 4x10 5. Lower Chest Flyes 4x10 6. Landmine Press 4x10 . #chestandtris

Jasmine Jones (@jsjones_inchaarg) Instagram Profile Photojsjones_inchaarg

Jasmine Jones


LEG DAY 🤩 ⚡️ Triset x3 - 10 squats with barbell, 20 lunges with barbell, 20 step ups with barbel ⚡️Deadlift x4 ⚡️Good morning x4 ⚡️ Leg Press x4 ⚡️x4 - 20 jump lung, 20 jump squats, 20 donkey kicks, 10 glute bridge, 20 lunge pulse, 10 squat pulse ⚡️ stretch & 20 minute cool down on treadmill . . . . . #chestandtris