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Devil's Plate


**Appreciation Post** I think one reason I am always biased towards @kinkipune is because it was the first place I went to when I first arrived here. And second reason is that I am a big for . They nail it all the time especially when it comes to . This post is specifically for their new " and " which left me stunned today. The filling is so so juicy and flavourful that you will not be disappointed for paying such a premium price for it (Since I read it in reviews once). The fillings they use for four pieces will make atleast 14-15 market stall mixed with cabbage shreds. The was good as well but I would rather have one which is breadcrumb coated since it absorbs lesser oil than this coating. The flavour was amazing though. The ambience is extremely chilled out and superb for my peaceful afternoon outings. @kinkipune #chinese