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PETER FASHION & TRENDS ⚤ (@fashionentrends) Instagram Profile Photofashionentrends


 image by PETER FASHION & TRENDS ⚤ (@fashionentrends) with caption : "#CLOSEUP #FIFTHHOUSE 👀" - 1931494026823654258


Isabelle (@melavolentia) Instagram Profile Photomelavolentia



I've been waiting for the photos for a month but it was worth. I have a lot, like a lot, photos from the session. And it is so hard to choose couple of them. And here are some samples, I want to post more. Tell me what do you think about it. It was first time since I've been standing next to a person who know what she's doing with the camera. Finally I had a photo session that looks like I wanted and I truly enjoyed it. Hope the photographer likes the final look as much as I do! Long caption, but sorry. I just wanted to share my feelings with you guys. So tell me: do you like that kind of photos&should I post more? Also: I didn't touch them at all so you can see my big af nose haha Photographer @pisanko__photography Give her a lot of love please, she deserves it! [ #closeup ]

César Octz (@ceoctz) Instagram Profile Photoceoctz

César Octz

 image by César Octz (@ceoctz) with caption : ".
🌟Models... 🌟I like it 👈👌👍🌟👉💃👈📸❤🔥🌟💯🔝👌👍👏😉😎😉
📸🎨by: @cesarochoafoto
Para, to: @ce8artz @photochoatz
🌟Agenda abierta pa" - 1931493597300211141

. 🌟Models... 🌟I like it 👈👌👍🌟👉💃👈📸❤🔥🌟💯🔝👌👍👏😉😎😉 . 📸🎨by: @cesarochoafoto Para, to: @ce8artz@photochoatz . 🌟Agenda abierta para sesiones personales, shows en vivo, eventos y cualquier proyecto fotográfico. 🌟Informes, Dudas, Comentarios, Contacto, Deja👉DM📩 . 🌟💿📸🎶🎥📹🎬💻🎨🖼💡💯 . 🌟Arte, cultura, sociedad, fotografía, videos, amigos, diversión, eventos y más!! 🌟Visita: Únete y Síguelo!! 👌👍👏👏 . 🌟>>El Arte🎨 es VIDA!!💚... Vívelo y Disfrútalo!!.,

Misha ⚜ (@misha_camp) Instagram Profile Photomisha_camp

Misha ⚜

 Instagram Image by Misha ⚜ (@misha_camp) with caption : "Norwich always sparkles" at Norwich, Norfolk - 1931493521978663363

Norwich always sparkles