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Bull Neck Fitness Vashi (@bullneckfitnessvashi) Instagram Profile Photobullneckfitnessvashi

Bull Neck Fitness Vashi

CrossFit_OuterLimits (@crossfit_outerlimits) Instagram Profile Photocrossfit_outerlimits



Shout out to Coach Gregg for coming in first place for the fellas (and second place overall) for our 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge. Thanks to @bodymetrx we know he lost 2.60 pounds of pure fat and gained an impressive 2.69 pounds of pure muscle for a 1.89% overall change in his body fat percentage. He actually gained weight (on the scale) during the challenge which can be super discouraging when you’re trying to lean out. But when we have an awesome company like BodyMetRx who does a complete body composition analysis as well as a 3D body scan, we know that his health moved in the right direction despite what the scale says!!! Stay tuned for more exciting news as we partner up with them again for a Summer Slim down experience. #comptrain

M_rivera7878 (@mrivera7878) Instagram Profile Photomrivera7878



The masters V edition Saltillo marzo 2019 #comptrain

Ruben Torbay Y. (@ruben_torbay) Instagram Profile Photoruben_torbay

Ruben Torbay Y.

Este open en lo personal fue para medirme q tan bien o mal estaba y resultó ser uno de lo mas divertido, cada semana mi intension de escalar posiciones fue notoraia repitiendo cada wod 2 veces (excepto el 19.2) con el objetivo de compensar el 19.1 que me jugo una mala pasada (nací patucho culpa de mis padres jajaja). . Desde ya enfocado en el siguiente open con los ojos puesto en un objetivo mejorar y mejorar. . . Gracias a todas esas personas q me brindaron el apoyo en cada wod, a @jauriacrossfit por permitirme realizar los wods en su casa, a @armandodiazm_ por ayudarme a mejorar en tan poco tiempo con los entrenamientos y por confiar en que puedo ser mejor si confio en mi, a mi casa @themachinefc por dejarme representarlos llevando en mi espalda a todos ustedes. Agradecimientos especiales a: @jenn_aar@cinthiag_nutricion@rfit_duran Nos vemos en el siguiente 💪😠. . .   #CompTrain  

Daniel Pretorius (@dian13p) Instagram Profile Photodian13p

Daniel Pretorius

Goodness! I had mixed feelings about the CrossFit Open 2019 BUT after seeing the different in standings...I couldn't be more pleased about this year! From 2018 to 2019 Thank you and more recently @cf_bman and @purpose_training_series for getting me at this level 🦁 #comptrain @reeboksouthafrica@nutritechfit

Rodrigo Alves da Silva (@rodrigao_silva) Instagram Profile Photorodrigao_silva

Rodrigo Alves da Silva

Feito ... Foi pra conta mais um Open Finalizado 19.5 cat RX 169 REP Thruster 42,5 kg + chest-to-bar 33-27-21-15-9 *Treino onde tua mente desiste 100 vezes antes do teu corpo Valeu galera pelo incentivo e torcida, foi muito bom ter evoluído e ver muitos colegas de treino evoluírem muito... Parabéns a galera que acreditou e participou... Todos estamos de parabéns, superação, dedicação, alegria, diversão e saúde ... Parabéns família Baita crossfit !!! Foi uma honra pra mim ter o coach @brunobalvedi de judge hoje a tarde !! E terminar esse Open junto do Head coach @mateus.rech ** acho que agora aprendi a controlar a explosão no treino, eu acho... 🤣😬 Valeu pelo incentivo e exemplo !!! Valeu @felipeorso pela ajuda fundamental na dieta, agora e seguir o próximo passo porque tem open em outubro e 2019 só começou!! Bora vamos com tudo 💪👊 ! E não é loucura não, fiz o 19.5 em um intervalo de 3hrs +- sem nada demais além de 2 bananas e uma dose de whey, só pra provar pra mim que estou com certeza no caminho certo !!! Pra um condicionamento físico saudável !! @baitacrossfit 💪💓 "Nunca desista, defina uma meta e não saia até que você a consiga. Quando você conseguir, defina outra meta e não saia até chegar nela. Nunca desista. ” – Bear Bryant" " Não, nunca fica mais fácil. Você não gostaria disso também. ”- Greg Glassman, fundador da CrossFit, Inc" #comptrain

Emma Baumert (@emma.baumert) Instagram Profile Photoemma.baumert

Emma Baumert

Always chasing, never satisfied. - Today was an INCREDIBLE day. I dialed in on my @rpstrength diet template and weighed and measured my meals for the day. Having my meals prepped & measured gives me such a great feeling. I feel confident about my nutrition and know that I am optimizing my performance and recovery. Plus I LOVE my cooking and eating food so this is a WIN WIN WIN situation. - Also, I love my routine. Last week took a turn with me being sick after a week in Belize so I am so thankful to few healthy and energized for the day. I got to exercise and SQUAT in my morning class today, so class couldn’t get much better than that. 💥 - After class I was finally able to make it over to @prairiestatebarbell again! AT LAST 😁🌟👏🏼 I have continued to struggle with weightlifting because I like to be slow and muscle everything, which doesn’t work well when you’re trying to list something heavy over your head fast. But the only way to get better is to practice & continually give my best effort. Not only do I enjoy weightlifting, but the coaches and people at PSB are fantastic. Every time I get the change to go there I walk out a better weightlifter, smiling, & definitely a little beat up (in a good way). - I’ll be back Wednesday to throw around some pretty blue kilo plates again 💙 but until then, I’ll eat my chili, do a ROMWOD, & call it a goodnight after a killer day ✌🏼. • • • • #comptrain