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Xsk8p Religion , Est. 2018 (@xsk8p) Instagram Profile Photo xsk8p

Xsk8p Religion , Est. 2018

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Here’s to all of you awesome peeps!!! Happy Saturday everyone! . . . Be sure to subscribe!!!! The YouTube Channel is the link in my bio;-) . . Xsk8p™ | Xsk8p.inG© | Xsk8p Religion© | Xsk8p True Evil© . . ☯️ ☮️ #Creationism 🚷 | Xsk8p Religion 🚷☢️☣️

 image by @anon0200 with caption : "5G
Frequency, effects, ect."- 1894596011177186208
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5G Frequency, effects, ect.

 @anon0200 shared Image on Instagram - 1894575663132082138
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"Vote for the lesser of two evils" Trump our president is rolling out 5G. "More Vaccines could be coming." You only need healthy organic alkanized food, never acidic and non gmo. "Unhealthy baby formula" Steralized breast (I added this one)(I mean breasts that dont pump milk, come on, you need to eat healthy to heal from your degenerative problem, whether your problem has been passed down or not. Our bodys are designed to heal and the governments track record has been designed to kill us slowly, control and exterminate populations. And blood sacrificing. Thats their religion because their is a secret society. The government is not seemingly to care what the masses have to think and they fund and weaponize banking and drug wars. water, food ,by mutagens to change/mutate our dna coding. Chemicals and mutagens making unhealthy people, and weak immune systems, ect. Produce sex robots. And make us blame everything and turn us away from God. King of kings and lord of lords. Is trump doing everything he can? ONE NATION, UNDER GOD. TEN COMMANDMENTS. CONSTITUTION. UNCORRUPT GOVERNMENT. We need to get President trumps decision on the main causes we have going on and also help our people in south america. Our soldiers dont need to go to war with other innocent soldiers. We have a bunch of open land. Mabye we need to have more farmers. And the govt. Can use their manipulating weather technology or their free energy. Im assuming earth has unlimited, and can recharge. Have more farmers near where it rains. Mabye we shouldnt worry because serious events are about to happen. Whether the gov. Causes them or the end times. We shouldnt over throw we should confront trump on his decisions. And if he needs sometime to think about it, give him limited. Liberals and mutagenized liberals are making it difficult to concentrate on whats going on "Trump hasnt done nothing about this kind of front." "Mixing unclean blood in clean is an abomination in the bible." Rothschild moving to sillicon valley, san fransisco Youtuber: The fullerton informer Youtuber: A call for an uprising