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Qs. 1. who benefits when politicians/activists/NGOs avoid the truth? 2. do politicians/activists/NGOs avoid the truth? 3. would a cynic or a realist say: "An ignorant population is a population incapable of opposing authority. An ignorant population is easily manipulated. An ignorant population is an asset to the devious."? 4. are world education systems designed for maximizing numbers of compliant citizens or maximizing levels and numbers and abilities independent citizens? ? ? #criticalthinking

Breathe Education ( Instagram Profile Photo

Breathe Education

“Super proud of this August Intensive Mon - Fri group who completed their F2F component of their CIV Pilates this week. Well done guys I have been absolutely honoured to help assist you in your life change” xo @venusbrutnall. Congratulations to you all! We will be keenly following the next steps of your journey and wish you all the happiness and success ❤️ Team BE.

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Code Ninjas Frisco TX

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Happy birthday ninja Noah!!! We are so proud and happy to call you a ninja, we wish you the best of birthdays and may all your birthday wishes come true! 🎂🎉🎁•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #criticalthinking kidshavefun

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Miami Talent Casting

 image by Miami Talent Casting (@miamitalentcasting) with caption : "Miami - CT John Leguizamo movie now for Sunday and Monday in Miami and for the next three weeks until D" - 1914871503625622230
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Miami - CT John Leguizamo movie now for Sunday and Monday in Miami and for the next three weeks until Dec 15, rate $125, must be avail all day, please mention your availability. booking by pics, sunday and monday we need male and female senior type chess players, all eth, 55+...male and female senior type domino players, all eth, 55+ all ages, hispanic looking people. all ethnicities extras, males and types, all eth, males and females. if you are not avail for sunday and monday, please advise what future dates you are avail so we can book you on those dates if you fit the specs needed. #criticalthinking

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Beefie Grustler

 image by Grustler (@grustlerclothing) with caption : "#realisimism #criticalthinking #foodforthought" - 1914866660989214862
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