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Sophie Arstall (@sophiearstall) Instagram Profile Photosophiearstall

Sophie Arstall

Olga Merekina (@merekina) Instagram Profile Photomerekina

Olga Merekina

 image by Olga Merekina (@merekina) with caption : "Dancing in the neighborhood. Photo: @amkochetova ❤️ #dancingoutdoors #improvisation #dakinidancestudio" - 1999169417124165501

Dancing in the neighborhood. Photo: @amkochetova ❤️ #dancingoutdoors

San Abud (@yosoy_san) Instagram Profile Photoyosoy_san

San Abud

Español/English . Aquí un de hace unos meses con mis amores @patycanedoa y @andycanedo durante una clase abierta de AfroVibe impartida por mi queridísima y talentosa instructora y amiga @ekaterinapetrashkevich 💃🏾💃🏾 las amo a las 3 🐶🐷🐵 ————————— Here’s a of an open class of in company of my beautiful nieces and the incredible teacher and my idol @ekaterinapetrashkevich love you gurls so much 😍 . . . . #dancingoutdoors

Nadia Genois (@nadiagenois) Instagram Profile Photonadiagenois

Nadia Genois

 image by Nadia Genois (@nadiagenois) with caption : "March. Soon it will be spring then summer. Looking forward to playing outside again 🐾🙂🌺☀️photo @pebergeron #movementcult" - 1990265083034252369

March. Soon it will be spring then summer. Looking forward to playing outside again 🐾🙂🌺☀️photo @pebergeron #dancingoutdoors

Colorado Mountain Ranch (@coloradomountainranch) Instagram Profile Photocoloradomountainranch

Colorado Mountain Ranch

 image by Colorado Mountain Ranch (@coloradomountainranch) with caption : "Dancing our way into the past today! Camp has been full of smiles and fun since 1947!

#tbt #dancingoutdoors #nature #su" - 1989289785081775706

Dancing our way into the past today! Camp has been full of smiles and fun since 1947! #dancingoutdoors

art should disturb (@ms_o.g.noir) Instagram Profile Photoms_o.g.noir

art should disturb


- mucking about with this am... Beautiful, beautiful day in the sunshine, dancing in yesterday... whilst looking for somewhere to dance i spied 2 crates put together in what looked like a little stage - perfect! So set up my mini speaker and went for it. I do feel decidedly out of shape compared to before i did my knee in 4 months ago...less strength in general in my limbs, a bit more fat on my body and less flexibility but I’m ok with that... what will be will be, i have so much to hold in balance that it would be incorrect to focus more than i have been on that aspect of my being. But it’s funny isn’t it, no matter how much we tell ourselves these things, the old socialised views and perspectives are always there, nagging away... i know women who would rather cut a leg off than be seen in public in a bikini top and shorts if they felt out of shape, recognised they had put on some pounds. Which i do, i have...but i suppose for me, being fit and in shape was never about caring what other people may or may not think about my body. My body is not there as an object to be admired or criticised. It is here to do my bidding, Within the realms of my ability and desires. But i still looked at myself when i got home yesterday and thought, ouch those belly rolls were not there last autumn :-( - sad face that i even thought it. This is not a competition btw... i know there will be women who are larger than me thinking, wtf are you on about, you skinny as fuck... and possibly slimmer women thinking, wow how could you let yourself get like that... i care not for either types of comments. I’m just expressing what we all as women feel at points...that we somehow owe it to the world to look at certain way. And hide ourselves away or feel uncomfortable when we are not that best version of ourselves physically that we have in our minds... i feel very fortunate that thoughts like this pop in and out relatively quickly. Yesterday was a good day and i feel boosted by getting some sun on my skin and releasing some indoor, winter blues through dance... off to work now... have a good few days...

Yonier Garcia (@yoniergarcia) Instagram Profile Photoyoniergarcia

Yonier Garcia

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Terrible it makes you want to walk for longer than you’re supposed to... as if I don’t do enough a week! . she knows how to work it out! . Perfect weather for doors