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Jonathan Deutsch


Great day in #Detroit! Caught a Pistons game, talked with @and1ref_, checked out the Ford Innovation Museum which has some really awesome exhibits - the bus Rosa Parks changed the world on, the chair Lincoln was assassinated in, the evolution of the automobile and airplane, Presidential limos, and some old-time video games.

 Instagram Image by Living Zen (@theartoflivingzen) with caption : ""Giant, dark smoke stacks rose out of the sky. Slanted against the backdrop of the city, they looked like gods of steel " at Detroit, Michigan - 1958574396886877490

"Giant, dark smoke stacks rose out of the sky. Slanted against the backdrop of the city, they looked like gods of steel huddled over in their self defeat. It reminded me of that book, "Guns, Germs, and Steel." How those machines have shaped this city. How many men have given their lives to something of that sort. Men blindly aligned to something they will never understand, giving their soul to a factory in return for a pay check. And when the corporate gods are gone, they turn into a city of lost men, having ground their souls away long ago in the steel of the machine. The corporation, lacking even the decency to remove the corroded factories, leaves them there, as if they are some crumbling monument to the power they used to hold." • • • excerpt from my blog • • • • • • #detroit

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1.9 K Strong 💪


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