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LydiaForReaL (@lydiaforreal) Instagram Profile Photo lydiaforreal


 image by LydiaForReaL (@lydiaforreal) with caption : "อร่อยยยยยยย มันส้ม🍠
#yummy#snack#sweetpotato#fav#dobetter#keepgoing" - 1913031553106078301
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อร่อยยยยยยย มันส้ม🍠 #dobetter

Cat of all Trades / VA 🤓 (@multicattrading) Instagram Profile Photo multicattrading

Cat of all Trades / VA 🤓

The Mistake Club (@themistakeclub) Instagram Profile Photo themistakeclub

The Mistake Club

 image by Blacknail (@officialblacknail) with caption : "@kfcaustralia , your Edwardstown store is a mess.., they had run out of chicken at 5:50 pm on a Thursday and when I wait" - 1913019821883054810
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@kfcaustralia , your Edwardstown store is a mess.., they had run out of chicken at 5:50 pm on a Thursday and when I waited and got it home to the family, we did NOT get what I asked for and the “fresh” chicken was vile.. #dobetter

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Tip: Always innovate new ways to hurt yourself. Nothing’s more embarrassing than having to reference the same injuries as everyone else to justify lack of progress. 🙃 • • Kidding. Progress, in a linear sense, can take a backseat to simply enjoying what you do every now and again. We aren’t all pushing world records (... well, depending on the federation ... 🤔). • • Stretching is boring so I like remixing a few movements just a couple times a week. I’m a naturally flexible person and probably wouldn’t recommend this kinda “weighted yoga” if you don’t have some baseline mobility. Feels nice though. • • 6s Pause Bench 295 4 x 2, 225 x 20 no pause High Bar Squat 315 3 x 3 Lateral Split Squats 3 x 10 5 min misc light stretching Cardio: 5K in 27.45 PR, 500 cal total

Petra Marie Green ✨ (@healthymumma23) Instagram Profile Photo healthymumma23

Petra Marie Green ✨

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My little Luca never fails to entertain, at nearly 8 months old he’s already blowing raspberries and giving high fives, and doing some sort of bum jiggle haha! It’s honestly so special watching this little human grow and develop and learn new things! When he says his first word I’m going to break down into happy tears, he makes my world so happy and positive that all I can do is keep trying to do better and be better 💕 #dobetter