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Ender Karaca (@endosh1952) Instagram Profile Photoendosh1952

Ender Karaca

 image by Ender Karaca (@endosh1952) with caption : "#ITS#DUCKSOUP#TIME" - 1982391274083532097


The Lingnan (@thelingnan) Instagram Profile Photothelingnan

The Lingnan

 image by The Lingnan (@thelingnan) with caption : "We do Peking Duck, just have to pre-order, 3 courses: skin wrap, soup and meat course. #offmenu #specialorder #yegfood #" - 1982384354051213201

We do Peking Duck, just have to pre-order, 3 courses: skin wrap, soup and meat course. #ducksoup

Bella Hughan (@docbells) Instagram Profile Photodocbells

Bella Hughan

 Instagram Image by Bella Hughan (@docbells) with caption : "A myriad of ducks #ducksoup #centennialbeach" at Boundary Bay, British Columbia - 1982306061654636549

A myriad of ducks #ducksoup


Last night I fell asleep during Donald Trump’s press conference. He was explaining that he was using Emergency funds to build a Wall without Congressional approval. He said that he didn’t have to do it at this time (emergency? huh?) but he wanted to do it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Reporters told him that government statistics showed that illegal immigration was down and that 90% of the illegal drugs coming into The US were coming in through the Ports of Entry despite Border Patrol searches. To this Twitler said “you have your statistics and I have mine.”🤯 It was at this point that I fell asleep and had a dream. I dreamt that we had elected a clown as our President. It has been a reoccurring dream that I’ve had since November 8, 2016. In my dream Groucho Marx is the President of the United States. Groucho got elected on his campaign promise that he was going to build Walls. First he was going to build a great Wall in China (don’t they have one already?) and make Mexico pay for it. Then he was going to build a Wall in Berlin and make Mexico pay for it. Then he was going to build an Iron Curtain around Russia and make Mexico pay for it. He was going to build the best walls ever- walls too high to climb over without a ladder.😳 The walls were going to be really bright and shiny too. (YaY) So anyway (President) Groucho is holding a press conference and he’s standing alongside the President of Mexico. Groucho tells the Mexican Prez about all the walls and curtains he’s going to put up that Mexico is going to pay for. The Mexican President is adamant that he will only pay if Mexico can pick the Wallpaper and Curtains. Trump, I mean Groucho, agrees. Then Groucho tells the President of Mexico about the Wall he’s going to build across the entire southern border of The United States. Suddenly the President of Mexico grabs the microphone and says “Mexico will pay for the Wall!” Whereupon I realized that the whole thing was just a dream and woke up.😳 What a bunch of bullsh*t! Mexico is never going to pay for a Wall across our southern border... not after paying for the Walls in China and Berlin and The Iron Curtain!! Sheesh even Groucho knows that.😉✌🏻 #ducksoup