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Gretchen Hobbs (@gretchenanndesigns) Instagram Profile Photogretchenanndesigns

Gretchen Hobbs


We really have such to !! is only an hour away.. and look at the you get to partake of. It’s an #easyhike , , and shaded from sun. There’s even a cute little that sells sandwiches on the weekends only-

Toksichna Biskvita (@red_cloak_) Instagram Profile Photored_cloak_

Toksichna Biskvita

Family hiking time, this time no grudges over the steepness #easyhike

Hanna Zubin Mani (@hannazubin) Instagram Profile Photohannazubin

Hanna Zubin Mani

MtnGote🐐 (@mtngote) Instagram Profile Photomtngote


May 22, 2018. Haiku Stairs. Before leaving the island we knew we had to do this hike. The hardest part though was waking up early enough just to be stopped by the police before even getting to the entrance. After contemplating what to do we decided to drive to the opposite side of the island and test our luck. 5 miles later we made it. First ones to the top and to eventually see people coming up the stairs laughing about how easy the guard was to pass. - - - - - - - - - - - - #easyhike