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Tip of the day problems Originally I was planning on a carpentry tip/advice today but after a last minute call out we will go with this .. some may know some may not ,could be a big help if the answer is the latter. First thing is first you should know where your consumer unit is located and* if any DAMAGE is noticeable do attempt what I mention below just call an electrician to investigate * Ok so you have a fuse on your consumer unit that keeps tripping as you can see in this pic, firstly check to see if it's labelled to narrow the problem (not always the case ) so your sockets are not working and Everytime you try to push it up it trips down again .. without panicking and calling an electrician straight away just go around see which rooms do not have power ,once you have identified roughly where the problem is go around all the sockets and remove plugs and switch off spur switches . Go back to the consumer unit and try to flick the switch again 9 times out of 10 this will stay up to which you then go around plugging each plug in separately and switching all switches until the fuse trips again to then realise what the problem is .. which in this case was a faulty washing machine .. and last week was a water heater (if the tenant followed this advise it would have saved a call out and then a follow up to replace faulty appliance ). This can 1 save you Abit of money and 2 make sure you still have power in which this weeks cases were a must due to being the kitchen power . You can also purchase a plug tester which are less than £10 like the one i show you in my picture which can also help find if your sockets have a basic fault to which you can notify the electrician saving time and money .. anymore I would advise having a professional investigate 👷

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Amongst other things wrong here, this junction take place within a junction box with a cover. This was found loosely hanging below the cooktop inside of the cabinetry. ⚡️😬⚡️#electricalproblems

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