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my final coffee archives (in Amsterdam) so I’m doing a little collage before i begin my coffee hunt in Brussels! 1. by far the best cappuccino i’ve ever had, from Toastable, in Nieuwe Zijde, very close to the city centre. €3 per cappuccino, pricing was good but the taste ??? amazing! 10/10 2. coffeecompany in the Red Light District, cornering a few pancake bakeries and shops. this iced latte was €4.40, so a little more pricey and resembles US coffee prices, but nonetheless it was fantastic and very refreshing. wish i had more time to try their other flavored coffees- including stroopwafel and tiramisu .... 9/10 3. UGH. MY FAVORITE COFFEE DRINK!!! an iced cappuccino from De Drie Graefjes in Nieuwe Zijde as well, essentially all these shops are roughly in the same 20 minute perimeter. wonderful taste, not sweet at all but the cream ontop, when mixed together, was a perfect combo. 10/10 4. cappuccinos with breakfast from a popular café in Haarlem (that, of course, i forgot the name of) slightly too bitter for me but apparently they are known for their bitter coffee, which is quite interesting. €2, worth the money and a great side to our brunch. 7/10 5. my favorite café, De Koffieschenkerij, meshed with an old church, the outdoor seating of this place is magical, adorned with flowers, and are known for their wide varieties in homemade, fresh cakes, and coffee drinks. i got the chai latte for €4, worth all the euros....if you’re in Amsterdam, you know where to go!!! 9/10 • • • • • • #europe

🇺🇾🏳️‍🌈🇺🇾 🚬😑🍹💎 Horace Caceres (@____horace____) Instagram Profile Photo____horace____

🇺🇾🏳️‍🌈🇺🇾 🚬😑🍹💎 Horace Caceres

 Instagram Image by 🇺🇾🏳️‍🌈🇺🇾 🚬😑🍹💎 Horace Caceres (@____horace____) with caption : "Madrid Mola!! 😂

#madrid #spain #europe" at Catedral de la Almudena, madrid - 2052521146246512338

Madrid Mola!! 😂 #europe

Kiron Neale (@kiron_neale) Instagram Profile Photokiron_neale

Kiron Neale

 Instagram Image by Kiron Neale (@kiron_neale) with caption : "Another of the pieces I did when I first transitioned into painting. To this day I could never figure out what happened " at Oxford, Oxfordshire - 2052521111578454987

Another of the pieces I did when I first transitioned into painting. To this day I could never figure out what happened when I was working on the stern mast... Alas I think I've improved since then! 🌍🎨🛳️ #europe

Yearning to be overseas again. So full of life when you’re on the other side world. Smelling another trip coming up soon 🌏✈️ #europe