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George Sole (@soulbysole) Instagram Profile Photo soulbysole

George Sole

 image by George Sole (@soulbysole) with caption : "Simply beautiful. Patek Philippe never fails to be a flawless watch. Classiness simplified.
#patekphili" - 1915886894409269803
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RAVI YADAV RV (@yadavrv025) Instagram Profile Photo yadavrv025


 image by RAVI YADAV RV (@yadavrv025) with caption : "#Born free now I am #expensive
Follow" - 1915885577238856727
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free now I am #expensive @yadavrv025 Follow

Mitchell Napper (@mitchell_02) Instagram Profile Photo mitchell_02

Mitchell Napper

 image by Mitchell Napper (@mitchell_02) with caption : "I think Im slowly turning into a Porsche guy.
#becauseracecar #stilldontgetthenamingthough" - 1915884925366766827
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I think Im slowly turning into a Porsche guy.

Astute Rosebery | Mahfy Rahman (@astuterosebery) Instagram Profile Photo astuterosebery

Astute Rosebery | Mahfy Rahman

Coming in at number 4, Luxury car importer Neville Crichton has purchased the distinctive glass-fronted residence off Karyn Zamel, wife of mining engineer Gary Zamel at Point Piper for $33 mil. Crichton has pulled off the ultimate trophy home deal swapping his recently sold Point Piper mansion which was double the price of this to buy a mini-me version up the road for almost half the price 🏎💸 . . . . . #expensive

Dr Richard (Lionheart) Nel (@dr_richard_nel) Instagram Profile Photo dr_richard_nel

Dr Richard (Lionheart) Nel

 image by Dr Richard (Lionheart) Nel (@dr_richard_nel) with caption : "l share #photographs l like & tested #advice.
TIMES MAGAZINE “#Entrepreneur& #philanthropist Dr Nel’s secret to #success" - 1915883387115921557
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l share l like & tested . TIMES MAGAZINE “& Dr Nel’s secret to is his , ,work&.” 0️⃣ 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ 4️⃣ 5️⃣ “I & l #expensive ,now l want to pursue a simple lifestyle &things money can’t buy.”