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Finally getting a little bit neater 😂 This time next week it will be a live pig and I will be performing an exploratory laparotomy and organ biopsies!🐷🐷🐷 . . . #exploratorylaparotomy


 image by Erika (@egennusa) with caption : "Performed a #recordbreaking #exploratorylaparotomy resulting in a #gastrotomy and #foreignbody removal of 14 pairs of un" - 2046760932706072541

Performed a #exploratorylaparotomy resulting in a and removal of 14 pairs of underwear, 12 socks, a hair tie, pacifier, and bra clip! Wowwweee- this pup might just wake up hungry! Prayers for a smooth and fast recovery!


💙Lisa St Vil💙 (@lisast.vil) Instagram Profile Photolisast.vil

💙Lisa St Vil💙


Had to spend my birthday in the hospital last year. I had two surgeries a week apart. A myomectomy to remove my multiple fibroids on May 17th, 2018 & a exploratory laparotomy surgery on May 23rd, 2018 because I had a bowel obstruction due to an infection in the hospital, back to back fevers, tubes going in and out of me, a feeding tube, ng tube, a catheter, and so much more. I was discharge in June. Tho I suffered a lot in my lifetime I also overcame a lot as well. I haven't been working since the recovery, been a real struggle, stress about student loans, payments, hospital bills, lost some friends along the way and gain some new one's, some ppl I use to be close with our friendship is astray. I try to remain postive through a lot of obstacles in my life and try to be better version of Lisa than a year ago, and keep striving for growth, wisdom, patience, love, kindness and if I fall short I ask you heavenly father to forgive me and help me through this journey I'm in. Sometimes I wonder how I got through half the things I did or possess such strength to keep going. But I am child of God through the good and bad times. Through my weary days and joyful moment's I am a child of God. And ask you lord to continue to give me strength no matter what comes my way. Help me be a better me. To show love and be positive. To remain still. To pray and to show love to not only the ppl I know personally but to those I don't. This month I will be turning 31 and I just feel bless. That I'm alive. That I have a roof over my head. That my parent's are still here. That my siblings are still here. That my two beautiful nieces are growing and full of life and joy. And thank you for the things that I do have in my life and the things that I do not. Trusting your process and your will in my life. . . 🙌 #exploratorylaparotomy 🙏🏾

Leduc Animal Clinic (@leducanimalclinic) Instagram Profile Photoleducanimalclinic

Leduc Animal Clinic

 image by Leduc Animal Clinic (@leducanimalclinic) with caption : "For those interested, here’s an intra-operative picture of some feline intestines. This kitty had eaten a toy that got s" - 2033585121434500046

For those interested, here’s an intra-operative picture of some feline intestines. This kitty had eaten a toy that got stuck in the intestines. Can you see the affected area and how bruised/irritated the intestines are? The dark area is where the object is stuck. It’s important to act quickly to remove these to minimize further complications. Fortunately everything turned out well! #exploratorylaparotomy

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Margo Ryan

These are the things about illness that you don’t see—the intensive surgeries, the lengthy recoveries, the treatment failures, the thousands and thousands of dollars spent. They aren’t pretty. They aren’t happy. They aren’t good outcomes. • No one tells you the last time will be the last time. For all the days and nights I had walked past this plain, ordinary door in this fluorescent-lit hall, I would have never known a piece of my life would fracture just beyond and through them. Now, a year later, I’ve walked this hospital hall too many times to count, and have stood in countless surgeries in that operating room. Every horse I have seen on that operating table since has been her. I’ve thought endlessly about this day, one year ago, that I rushed blindly through these doors. I donned no surgical gloves, gown, or mask—as I have always had to do otherwise. Surgeons, a sea of blue, circled around her body, draped in more blue—the color of healing. But, today, unable to heal. An endotracheal tube in her throat, the ventilator hissing rhythmically—6 breaths per minute. An EKG monitor beeping—32 beats per minute. Falling to my knees beside her head to wrap my arms around the face of the being I have loved most in this world, pressing my cheek against her much larger one. Clinging to her life. Clinging to mine. Then, the injection for which there is no reversal. Eyes immediately darkened. Zero beats per minute. The ventilator clicked off, tubes unhooked from more tubes. Zero breaths per minute. The room suddenly empty of her immense life. Silence, but for my muffled sobs against her neck. I still see her. I still go to sleep crying, and wake up in the same state—tears replacing dreams. No one tells you the last time will be the last time.

💙Lisa St Vil💙 (@lisast.vil) Instagram Profile Photolisast.vil

💙Lisa St Vil💙


This is me unhealthy. I don't watch what I eat. I eat what I want when I want it. I don't workout and I should stretch more and exercise but I don't workout because I got lazy after my recovery. I honestly can't wait to get back in shape and my stamina back up and I can't wait to start the transition to becoming a vegan and change my life style all around. Looking foward to change. Physically, Mentally & Spiritually. I don't only want to look amazing but most importantly feel amazing. And the best way is to watch what I eat and drink and just take care of Lisa. . . . . 🇭🇹 #exploratorylaparotomy 🙏🏾

💙Lisa St Vil💙 (@lisast.vil) Instagram Profile Photolisast.vil

💙Lisa St Vil💙


Ella y yo dos locos viviendo una aventura castigada por Dios un laberinto sin salida donde el miedo se convierte en amor Somos su marido, ella y yo Mi esposa y yo gual que ustedes compartimos en la vida un eterno amor La dama perfecta, toda una belleza, ella es mi inspiracion somos feliz ella y yo Amigo ella y yo solos nos vemos a escondidas para ahogar esta prohibida pasion y aunque tiene dueno, yo solo tengo un sueno, ser su protector.... ...Oye Don lucha por amor 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 . . . 🇭🇹 #exploratorylaparotomy 🙏🏾