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Sutikiat J.


Civic FK!!!!Front lip NKOriginal Carbon ตัวแทนNKGarage ร้าน@RaceSpecWheel ++++NKGarage++++ #fk ------------------------------------------ ตัวแทนจำหน่าย(คัดมาแล้วติดลิ้นตรงทุกร้านจ้า)

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 Instagram Image by Zahra (@zahra16995) with caption : "#RomeoWedsHeer Episode 35: Nativity is sometimes neither a fruit of sensitivity nor confusion, it's rather a consequence" at Lahore, Pakistan - 2050615693243348918

Episode 35: Nativity is sometimes neither a fruit of sensitivity nor confusion, it's rather a consequence of fear. One could laugh with and laugh at Romeo in any situation except twice, earlier when Faryal tried to conjure a Juliet out of herself for a Romeo who had fallen for a Heer and now when Romeo has swallowed a bitter pill... bitter pills are what Romeo/s are supposed to swallow perhaps. Heer had explained the secret to love, in any relationship, when she spoke of the binding power that trust commands. It was trust that had empowered both Romeo & Heer when they stood rebel against all odds to knit together two contrasting social fabrics. It is that lost trust which makes Romeo fall weak - the trust he has dared to lose himself. Romeo has never been confused about what he wanted, he stood his ground when he confessed his love for Heer and defied all his odds. It always took his heart to communicate himself to anyone or everyone, when he refused to marry Shahnze and when he confessed his inclination towards Heer as well. But he stood his ground firmly after that. His unequivocal stance was everything that labelled him as Heer's & that won him his battle. He is unable to communicate himself yet again and this time for the worse. In her own accord, Dr Shahnaz had her logic that made sense in the frame of logic alone, not in the context of her advocacy for it. Her case for a career-oriented wife fell flat on its feet when it was based on perks of authority that Shahnze's father commanded or rooted in her inherent disapproval of Heer. She truly is unconventiinally conventional in her case - a mother-in-law bitter of her son's inclination towards another social stratum. Not all decisions that are taken are always right and not all decisions can be amended as easily as a cosmetologist can fix certain defects, plastic can't replace everything. Only if Dr Shahbaz Raja could burst that bubble that he keeps poking every now and then. He has never had his deck sorted but he has always been the finest card in Romeo's. Continued in comments. :) #FK

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 image by idc.fk8 (@idc.fk8) with caption : "Haven't post anything lately 😴" - 2050594652609134261

Haven't post anything lately 😴