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Amelia Louise Carter (@meialoue) Instagram Profile Photo meialoue

Amelia Louise Carter

 image by Amelia Louise Carter (@meialoue) with caption : "I finally finished my Amethyst girl for my series of precious stone girls - I’ve decided to name her Ami 💖
I’m trying ou" - 1917079510651773302
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I finally finished my Amethyst girl for my series of precious stone girls - I’ve decided to name her Ami 💖 I’m trying out some new more interesting poses and I’ve been studying a lot of anime anatomy recently and I’ve really been enjoying it ☺️ I’ve also tried a lot to improve my character design skills and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out 😁 I hope you guys like it! Let me know what other stones I should do in the comments below!! #gem

Christopher Michael Brower (@treefort_bazaar) Instagram Profile Photo treefort_bazaar

Christopher Michael Brower

 image by Christopher Michael Brower (@treefort_bazaar) with caption : "11.8 etched Aquador (Aquamarine/Heliodor Beryl) from Brazil. Available $50" - 1917077141623928966
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11.8 etched Aquador (Aquamarine/Heliodor Beryl) from Brazil. Available $50

ॐ Dylan Blood ॐ (@barryblood) Instagram Profile Photo barryblood

ॐ Dylan Blood ॐ

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Fancy Jasper/Moss Agate Please scroll for some beautiful Macro shots! Fancy Jasper and Moss Agate are commonly found together in a mix like this. Fancy Jasper sometimes referred to as Rainbow Jasper, is a steady wholesome healer, resonating with all the chakras to bring balance to the physical body, and focus to the mind and intellect. Moss Agate has dendritic inclusions of manganese or iron that has grown into patterns similar to moss or lichen. Throughout history and all cultures, Moss Agate has been known as the crystal of gardeners and agriculture. Fancy Jasper tempers procrastination and helps organize an overactive mind into more linear thought, preventing one from getting caught up in worry over the past or future, and inspiring one to work through issues of the present. It is also ideal for rejuvenating one’s creative power and refining mental processes in order to work through intricate thoughts, ideas or puzzles. Known also as the "Stone of Tranquility", Fancy Jasper can help those who are having trouble focusing and/or concentrating, and can bring calm to overactive emotions, clearing the way for rational ideas to come through. Fancy Jasper can also facilitate the ability to focus on the NOW, instead of worrying about the future or feeling guilt about the past. It can enable one to enjoy life and have fun doing so. #gem

خلاصه سریال عشق سیاه و سفید (@serial6064) Instagram Profile Photo serial6064

خلاصه سریال عشق سیاه و سفید

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پارت آخر از قسمت 21 اورجینال (هر یه قسمت حدود سه و نیم شبکه جم می باشد ) یادت نره همین الان توی کانال تلگرام عضو شو❤ سریال کامل میتونید از کانال دانلود کنید 🤗 پیج رو هم فالو کن لطفا 😗 پارتها رو که نگاه میکنید لایک هم کنید لطفا ❤ #gem