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Will post better photos when coldworked! Big red garnet colour bar plate was going well until I heated it too long, and it collapsed. Instead of throwing it away I kept the shards and made a clear vessel to pour the shards into, then close up again. This was a quick one but am excited to make more of these. I want to thank @bobbyyinyuan for the help on creating both pieces seen here! #glassshards

Qualified HMUA - CASSANDRA (@cassandrastephaniehmua) Instagram Profile Photocassandrastephaniehmua


 Instagram Image by Qualified HMUA - CASSANDRA (@cassandrastephaniehmua) with caption : "#sfxmakeup ✖️ Car crash accident ✖️
Model: @daymonorange 
Photographer: @aylaelainephotography" at Huxley School of Makeup - 2005532022612901752

✖️ Car crash accident ✖️ Model: @daymonorange Photographer: @aylaelainephotography

Cindy Manly Art Shattered (@cindymanly_artshattered) Instagram Profile Photocindymanly_artshattered

Cindy Manly Art Shattered

 Instagram Image by Cindy Manly Art Shattered (@cindymanly_artshattered) with caption : "Coloring outside my box..." at Art Shattered - 2005489745640440669

Coloring outside my box...

Pursuit of Arts (@pursuitofarts) Instagram Profile Photopursuitofarts

Pursuit of Arts

This piece did not turn out exactly as planned BUT the cells are popping and I get an amazon vibe?? 16x20 canvas. No torch! Just my homemade medium/thinner! 👏🏼😁🤷🏻‍♀️🌳🌿🍃☀️ . . . #glassshards

Cidney Salitore (@picklecid) Instagram Profile Photopicklecid

Cidney Salitore

This is not what I had in mind exactly but the cells are popping out 🤷🏻‍♀️😁👏🏼🌳🍃🌿☀️ And this is WITHOUT a torch! Homemade medium/thinner. 16x20 canvas . . . #glassshards

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 Instagram Image by FanArtist (@fanartist006) with caption : "Made of glass shards and inspired by the beach #theshardshop #shardshopgrayton #glassshards #glassart ❤️❤️🌺" at Shard Shop - 2004819402420956140
Shard Shop ReportShareDownload010

Made of glass shards and inspired by the beach #glassshards ❤️❤️🌺

Julie Van Ember (@lampworkbyjulie) Instagram Profile Photolampworkbyjulie

Julie Van Ember


Soft glass marble created with layers of my my own blown glass shards, deep inside and on the surface. For textural interest, I intentionally left some shard edges and craters on the surface. $35 includes shipping